Liberals Pick On The Kids At The Special Olympics To Try To Get At Scott Walker

Liberals Pick On The Kids At The Special Olympics To Try To Get At Scott Walker

Liberals are not exactly known for their capacity for shame or their attention to decorum. Whether it’s teaching kids to do songs praising Obama or turning a funeral into a campaign rally, they’re willing to go as far as it takes to get their point across, even if that point is “Free MUMIA” or “BUSH LIHOP!” But right now, all across America, there are probably cult leaders who are staring in open mouthed amazement at the sheer glassy eyed fanaticism it took to do this.

There’s protesting an event and exercising your First Amendment right, and then there’s dressing up as zombies and interrupting a Special Olympics event to trumpet your cause. I’m not sure many people will have much respect for the latter method, but that’s exactly what a group of protesters did today to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. explains:

Protesters in Madison today dressed up as zombies to protest an appearance by Governor Scott Walker at a get-together of the Special Olympics. They carried signs and interfered with the ceremony.

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Do they think they are helping their cause by interfering with the Special Olympics?

At one point, the protesters even parade into the event and stand directly in front of the Special Olympians (pictured in green), blocking the athletes’ view:

Wow. Just wow.

It’s like these liberals looked at these kids, who’ve had hard lives, who’ve spent months training for this one special day, and thought, “Am I willing to trample all over their dreams to get the local paper to write a story? YES I AM!”

Still though, after these liberals have picked on the kids participating in the Special Olympics, you’ve got to ask: Where do they even go from here? I mean, Fred Phelps and company already got the funeral protest biz locked up. Let’s see: I’m brainstorming here….is there some way they could disrupt adoptions at a Wisconsin orphanage? Oooh, even better: Could they put signs that say “Beloved union worked for the people” or puppies and then have people wearing Scott Walker masks kick them down the street? If they’re looking for the same sort of horror vibe that dressing like zombies and disrupting the Special Olympics produces, I think that would do it.

Hey, might as well go for it, guys! After all, like they say, any publicity is good publicity, right?

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