Liberals Are Shocked To Find We’re Starting To Hate Them Right Back

Liberals Are Shocked To Find We’re Starting To Hate Them Right Back

We all know, deep down inside, that it is wrong to put hands on a someone out of anger or spite. We know this, no matter how we feel at the time, so when a Republican candidate lays the smack down on a reporting journalist, our moral, decent side should be appalled, no matter what the political leanings of the victim are…

But let’s be real, here. A LOT of us just don’t care anymore. It’s sad, but to many, it’s just the cold, harsh reality…and I can’t fault someone for feeling that way. We’ve all been dragged over the hot coals of political correctness and have been labeled a racist, homophobic and down right evil people – most of it perpetrated by a leftist media.

So trust me, I get it. By now you probably should have realized that I’m referring to Republican Greg Gianforte and Guardian reporter, Ben Jacobs.

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I for one, do not believe that an elected official that can’t keep his hands to himself should be in any powerful position in government. It shows a lack of restraint, especially under pressure. Yet, I can honestly say, that I am numb to the body slam. I don’t want to be, but after years of abuse by the left and the media, it’s a little too hard to play the good Samaritan this time.

Liberals have chosen the upheaval of American culture, thought and tradition, in order to travel down paths that have ZERO roots in reason, logic, or even simple basic truth. What the left and the media is finding out now, is that many on the right are beyond fed up with both of them.

Basically, they are hating them right back – and that is NOT a good thing. Sure it feels liberating, but things tend to escalate and it’s always a gamble when we leave truth, logic and reason to join the left in their uprooted game.

Fire with fire in this case, will do nothing but bring instant gratification, with further long lasting consequences on our American culture.

The left is appalled that the right no longer cares about the old rules, since for so long the left had relied on the right to play by the rules, while they continually broke them. We refused to stoop to their level…but with the political win of Gianforte, all that may be out the window.

A reporter got smacked around and the world just doesn’t care anymore. So, what happens next?

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