Limbaugh Just Blew the Lid Off Chilling Thing Liberals Will Do Right after Elector Vote

Limbaugh Just Blew the Lid Off Chilling Thing Liberals Will Do Right after Elector Vote

Republicans may have won the election, but that doesn’t mean the time to fight is over. Rush Limbaugh argued Monday that while we may have won a battle, the war is still going on. Liberals tried to defeat the Electoral College, but failed. That doesn’t mean they’re about to give up, Limbaugh warned.

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Limbaugh posted on Facebook about the liberal failure to convince faithless electors to switch their votes from Trump to someone else. Trump will officially be president now — liberals have lost their last hope of preventing that. But that just means they’ll be battling Trump’s agenda for the next four years, Limbaugh said.

The behavior of Barack and Michelle Obama is also unprecedented, according to Limbaugh.

“I have never in my life seen a more petty, childish, bitter, soon-to-be ex-president of the United States. Barack Obama is in fact participating in this effort to undermine the Trump transition, the Trump election, and the Trump presidency. And it’s unprecedented in U.S. history. Ex-presidents have never engaged in the kind of behavior Obama is engaging in,” he said. “Obama is going to hang around Washington and do everything he can to undermine the next president, particularly if and when the next president tries to unravel any of the gigantic web of deceit and debauchery that Obama has implemented as president,” Limbaugh warned. “And that’s gonna happen, because Trump is gonna immediately start canceling some executive orders and repealing Obamacare. The agenda that the Republicans — it’s gonna be breakneck pace here. Obama is not only going to reside in Washington and be on call, essentially, with the Drive-By Media, he’s setting up what essentially is going to be a shadow government.”

Limbaugh believes that liberals will constantly be trying to prevent Trump from reforming the government. “I mean, these are leftists, folks, and these last eight years, in reality, have been an abject disaster,” he continued. “But to the left, they have been affirmative building the foundation for transforming this country away from that which it was founded to be. They don’t want these eight years to be a waste. They don’t want these eight years to be erased so that when they get back in power they have to start over again. So they’re gonna do everything they can to undermine and delegitimize Trump and the Republicans, and the media is gonna be right in there helping them.”


Why are liberals behaving this way? Because they don’t understand why Americans voted the way they did on election day.

“The left will never admit it. They think the election was stolen from them. They have not the ability to get into reality in any way, shape, manner, or form,” Limbaugh argued. And conservatives should not let this chance pass by without taking full advantage of it.

“This is turning out to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really relegate these people to obscurity. And that means going on offense and staying on offense and not allowing ourselves to go on defense every day as we deal with absurd allegations and media narratives that these people come up with,” he said. “They have become a party that is not national, and it is time to stomp them into the dirt now. It is time to relegate them, in an electoral sense, to political irrelevance. Liberalism is never gonna be that tiny or small. Don’t misunderstand here. I’m not living under false delusions myself.”

“But there is an opportunity here to crush these people. And that’s what they have been doing to us for as long as I can remember. That’s their objective. And, you know, this, ‘Well, we won. We’re gonna be nice guys! We won. We’re gonna reach across the aisle, be nice. We’re gonna be the …’ It’s not time for that.”

“It’s not enough that they’ve been beaten. They need to be defeated each and every day. And as they bring up things that they hope to make narratives out of, they need to be beaten back. Trump’s instincts on this are right on the money. Trump’s instincts are, he fights back the minute these people do something. He’ll tweet something out. His instincts on this are perfect,” he concluded.

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