Losing That Hopey Changey Feeling, Part 2,389

Another Obamanut has lost hopey changey feeling. Cue Maverick and Goose, though, Obama isn’t as pretty as Kelly McGillis. OpEdNews: Merry Christmas– Ho Ho Ho What The Hell

I wonder if the folks who worshiped Odin and celebrated Saturnalia among the first real December 21st and 22d, etc. observations, sans of course the designation of the month as December grew pensive and introspective, contemplating the moments that had composed the year that was rapidly and gracelessly slipping from their grasp. Or were they just consumed with consumption and ribald revelry?

Well, we know folks like Obama and the bare arms wife are consumed with consumption and ribald revelry. Not so much for the dupes who voted for him.

This time in 2008 I recall vividly looking forward with hope unbound, to all manner of possibilities. The long forlorn that was the Bush-Republican sham had been so much like an all encompassing flu: it had savaged my head with the most unrelenting and tortuous aches and my stomach and gut with endless spasms of the most awful retching, and it had absolutely refused to go away . . . was actually going away! The sun was going to rise, bright and golden! Flowers would once again bloom in the fields! Songbirds would fill the cloudless azure skies with glorious melodies!

The seas would go down, everything would be sunshine and lollipops and wonderful smelling unicorn poots! Alas, poor Yorik, cue the tiny violins

We were just plain giddy . . . this time last year. This year what I feel, and what I sense much of the country feels is fatigue; fatigue born of repetitious let down. Sort of disappointment, but, well, more disappointing. Somehow. Just . . . let down. It’s like, you say 2009 is saying goodbye and 2010 is at the door, waiting to be let in, like the cat. And I’m just so So what?

What? Obama lied to you? The h*ll you say!

We learned two things yesterday: The public option had been sent to the public restroom; flush, it’s gone. Was it ever here? I don’t know . . . don’t see a trace of it anywhere. Do you? And also in the Senate were seated at the witness table General David Petraeus, Ambassador to Afghanistan, retired General Karl Eikenberry, and Deputy Secretary Jack Lew. When New Jersey’s Democratic Senator Bob Menendez accessed his six minutes to either address or inquire of the witnesses, escorted into the hearing was an estimate from Harmid Karzai, President of Afghanistan, that if everything goes as hoped (Interpreted here and translated yesterday by Senator Menendez as So long as the US keeps the funds rolling in and the troops at the ready, as in ready to be blown to bits or shattered like top-quality crystal, which they are, you know.), Afghanistan should be able to fully defend itself by 2024.

So, apparently, Afghanistan is not the “good war,” as Obama has called it time and time again. Anyhow, poor little Obamanut, disappointed by his Messiah and the Democrats. He is so mad he wants to spit. No, seriously, keep reading the article, that is what he wants for Christmas. And the writer, Ed Tubbs, even throws blame the Republicans way, despite the Dems having a clear majority to do what they want in Congress. Funny that.

Crossed at The Pirate’s Cove

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