Map Comparing How Well Educated Each U.S. State is Instantly Offends Liberals

Map Comparing How Well Educated Each U.S. State is Instantly Offends Liberals

Or maybe not. This is another map surely put out by liberals to illustrate how stupid the center of the country is. Notice how the northeast, which is considered the ‘smartest’ region in the United States, is very similar to Europe’s education levels. This looks to me like another, ‘Let’s all be like Europe!’ propaganda piece. One thing is true, our schools are no longer the best in the world and that is primarily due to Progressive control and influence. But I’ve got news for liberals… Europeans are no smarter than your average American. I mean, look at Europe! It’s toast and coming apart at the seams. If that is their idea of intelligence, no thank you.

From HomeSnacks:

Americans like to think they’re the best when it comes to just about everything, when measured against other nations. While we’re certainly the richest, most freedom loving, and pretty much the bodyguards for the poor and defenseless, we’ve known for years that we’re certainly not the smartest country on earth.

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Recently, we ranked 28th when it came to math and science scores, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

We’re really smart, people. Just not the smartest. And we’re working on it.

We thought it would be cool to align each state’s educational attainment to a country of similar intelligence.

We used the U.S. Census to get the numbers on each state’s high school graduation rate, and then compared those numbers to the education index of each country in the world, provided by the United Nations Development Program

Frankly, I think this map is full of crap. Seriously? Comparing Oklahoma to Syria? Last time I looked we weren’t a bombed out hellhole. I would wager people in the state I currently reside in are far better educated than anyone in Syria. So, excuse me if I think these people are full of it. Look at the map yourself and decide, but I think it is meant as an insult and a put down to most of America. It’s not cute and it certainly isn’t representative of anything real. Notice how all the enlightened, intelligent states are liberal ones. What a crock.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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