MHP: Democrats Should Tell Those Who Lost Their Plans To “Deal With It”

I think this is an excellent campaign slogan for Democrats (video available at the DC and Hot Air)

(Daily Caller) Republicans, she argued, “go into a fallen-down, blighted house, slap some granite countertops while ignoring real problems, and declare their work the best thing ever! They have swagger.”

“And then you have the people who will do the more substantial, structural changes,” she continued, referring to Democrats. “They’ll redo the wiring or reinforce the foundation. But they won’t do anything to actively or aggressively court buyers or advertise their work. Try as they might, they can’t make the house look good.”

Harris-Perry’s solution? Get in voters’ faces about your policies – even those viewed as failures, like Obamacare.

“They’re not even owning it,” she lamented. “No confidence, no swagger, no ‘Yeah, you can’t keep your crappy plans. Just deal with that!’”

“President Obama certainly has that swagger,”she added, noting that other Democrats would do well to follow Obama’s lead.

I’d wonder if MHP was still celebrating 4/20, but, then, this is the way she, along with most Democrats on MSNBC, act.

In fact, Democrats, in particular Obama, tried the “you can’t keep your crappy plans” schtick last year, yammering on about “substandard plans”, blaming the insurers, and, then, unilaterally changing the law so that people could keep those “crappy” plans. It all went over like a lead balloon filled with helium.

Meanwhile, Washington state is passing regulations to deal with crappy plans. Alas, these are not the pre-Obamacare crappy plans, but the Obamacare crappy plans

Washington state plans to approve a new rule this week to limit insurers’ ability to create narrow networks as a means of cutting costs, thanks to backlash over the limited health plans available in the wake of Obamacare regulations.

In response to the outcry over narrow networks, Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kriedler wants to limit insurers’ ability to narrow their networks, potentially making rising premiums one of the only means of recourse that insurers have left.

“Both qualified health plans and health plans offered outside of the exchange must have networks that at a minimum ensure access to covered services without unreasonable delay and address the specific needs of the populations served,” reads a proposed rule from the office of the insurance commissioner.

Those outside the Exchanges tend to have decent networks. People get what they pay for. Within the Exchanges the networks are narrowed due to cost burdens thanks to Obamacare. As it is, few insurers participate within the Exchanges. This could cause more to abandon the Exchanges as their costs escalate due to Government rules.

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