Michael Bloomberg for Mayor of London

The arrogance and presumption of our liberal ruling class is brought to the pinnacle of self-parody by zillionaire nanny state totalitarian Michael Bloomberg. As Mayor of New York, Bloomberg laid a taxpayer-financed wet blanket on everything from baby formula to earbuds, righteous in the conviction that he knew best regarding each picayune detail of his subjects’ lives. Like all tyrants, he was vehemently opposed to the natural right to bear arms — and not just for his constituents. He attacked the rights of Americans who had never set foot in New York. His lust for domination knows no borders: he even went after soda drinking in Mexico. Now he may run for a mayor again — as a carpetbagger in a foreign country:

The Sunday Times of London, citing the former mayor’s friends, reports that Michael Bloomberg is “considering” running as the Tory candidate in next year’s election in London. The city will elect Boris Johnson’s successor in May 2016.

The trick of running with the ostensibly conservative party, despite his liberal politics, is how he got the mayor gig in NYC. He dumped the GOP after he was in power.

Powerful Brits are apparently publicly backing the idea as well. Steve Hilton, a top adviser to British Prime Minister Cameron, is urging Bloomberg to run, the newspaper reported.

That tells you all you need to know about Cameron, who can make RINOs look like principled conservatives by comparison.

If Red Ken Livingstone could be elected Mayor of London, Bloomberg shouldn’t have any trouble. Britain is certainly welcome to him.

The patriot will need a new sweater.

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