Michael Moore And The Daily Kos: The Union Election Loss In Wisconsin Must Be Fraud!

Michael Moore And The Daily Kos: The Union Election Loss In Wisconsin Must Be Fraud!

After the Republicans hammered the unions in Wisconsin, all we heard was how it was apocalypse now time for the GOP. Oh boy, the Republicans really blew it by making the unions angry! Of course, the unions fight the GOP tooth and nail in every election and despite generally favorable polling for the unions, it was hard to understand why the average voter in Wisconsin would be dying to take more money out of his own pocket to give a cushy deal to government workers.

Anywho, in America, disputes like this inevitably get settled at the ballot box and in this case, the first test happened to be the David Prosser (R) vs. JoAnne Kloppenburg (D) race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Going into the election, unions and Tea Partiers poured resources and manpower into the state and it looked like it was a tight race. Looks weren’t deceiving in this case. It turned out to be a dead heat that had Kloppenburg (D) ahead by a nose. She declared victory with a puny 204 vote margin out of 1.5 million votes cast. Naturally, the Left was exuberant. The GOP had crossed the unions and this was just the first of many victories that would occur in Wisconsin because of it.

Turns out, was one itsy, bitsy hitch. Because of a computer error, Waukesha County had misreported Prosser’s totals. He actually had 7,500 more votes than the original tally. In other words, no ballots were “found” or “uncounted” and no hanging chads were involved. They counted the votes and put in the wrong total. Additionally, Ramona Kitzinger, the Democrat on the Waukesha County Board, came out and said it was an honest mistake and there were no shenanigans involved. Even the Left’s favorite stat guru, Nate Silver, says the additional votes make statistical sense.

So much for Kloppenburg’s victory lap. It also probably spoiled yet another round of conservative kvetching about Democrats stealing elections that they lost at the ballot box in a recount (See Franken vs. Coleman and Rossi v. Gregoire for great examples of how that works.) Now, it looks like Prosser may be up by a margin too big for the Democrats to overcome with fraud, but of course, it ain’t over ’til it’s over.

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Still, predictably — and more importantly, HILARIOUSLY, liberals are going INSANE over this loss. There are two responses that particularly stand out for me so far — although there will certainly be plenty more. The first is from the Daily Kos.

When the Republicans have declared victory starting tomorrow, they will use the full power of their media empire to pressure KloJo to concede instead of paying for a recount. They’ll say she’s a sore loser if she pushes for a recount outside of the .5% margin. They’ll say the gap is so wide that a recount couldn’t possibly swing enough votes her way, so she shouldn’t waste the time of election workers. They’ll say she’s just further trying to divide the people of WI. They will do EVERYTHING they can to make sure NO ONE checks the paper trail. Because the paper trail will be the nail in their coffin.

We must not let them succeed in this attempted fraud.

It is NOT a coincidence that Prosser didn’t get +300 votes or +1000, it had to be +7500 or more in order for the fraud to work. +7400 just wouldn’t have been enough. —

But of course, the Kossacks are amateurs compared to…drumroll, please, Michael Moore’s twitter feed. Enjoy his sweet, salty tearful tweets.

Kloppenburg has already declared victory! Repubs in WI r behaving like sore losers. Now they’ve hired Bush lawyer from FL 2000 recount.

Every hour some Republican clerk “finds” new votes for the incumbent justice who lost. The election is over! #lessonswelearnedFlorida2000

C’mon Repubs, once u were ahead in FL u declrd victry & got theCourt 2 stop any more counting. What’s the matter this time? #shoeonotherfoot

Republicans created the rule: “Whoever declares victory first, wins!” When will Obama Justice Dept impound ballots and stop the shenanigans?

RT @LiberalPagan:There is no depth 2 which GOP will not sink when they lose an election. Even TV4 reporter in Milwaukee sounds incredulous!

BREAKING: Osama bin Laden just found inside Wisconsin clerk’s closet. “I’m sorry I misplaced him. But we did find 750 ballots on him.”

I can’t quite gloat because I think the unions in Wisconsin will do pretty much anything they think they could get away with to pull this one out; so I’m not counting it as a win until it’s done. Still, listening to the Daily Kos and Michael Moore whine is still a lot of fun!

PS: It’s worth noting that I don’t see anything wrong with investigating the vote additions in Waukesha County, but if it’s nothing but a clerical error, I’m not sure that there’s going to be all that much to investigate.

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