Michael Moore Says Trump Voters Are Like Rapists [VIDEO]

Michael Moore Says Trump Voters Are Like Rapists [VIDEO]

Washed-up filmmaker Michael Moore doesn’t see his name in the headlines often anymore. The documentary filmmaker and Academy Award winner hasn’t had many successful films since his Oscar-winning documentary “Sicko” was released, although he has continued to make films. Desperation can cause people to do ridiculous things, which perhaps explains Moore’s latest comments.

Moore appeared on CNN Tuesday night with Don Lemon, where the two discussed Donald Trump and racism. Lemon asked Moore if he thought Trump was a racist, to which Moore responded, “He’s absolutely a racist.”

“He’s not as stupid as people want to believe he is,” he continued. “He knows exactly what he’s doing, he knows the words to use and I’m certain the 63 million people who voted for him actually — the vast majority of them — love that press conference.” Moore was referring to Trump’s press conference in New York City, which has come under heavy criticism from people on both the left and the right.

Lemon then said that Trump voters “take offense” when they are called racist simply because they voted for Trump. But Moore responded by, incredibly, comparing Trump voters to rapists. “If you hold down the woman while the rapist is raping her, but you didn’t rape her, are you a rapist?” he said in response. “Let’s cut the BS, let’s start speaking honestly.”

Seemingly uncomfortable with the analogy, Lemon replied, “That’s a very powerful and uncomfortable anecdote you shared, and people will think you’re comparing Trump voters to rapists.” But Moore was unphased. “Yeah, it’s uncomfortable, isn’t it?” he said. “Because enablers of immoral behavior, of criminal behavior, it is absolutely criminal to stand behind the people that killed Heather Heyer, that beat the heads in of people who were trying to speak their minds in Charlottesville.”

“If you are there, and if it you participate — even though you’re not the actual person doing it — if you helped to put Donald Trump in office, you need to think about this before you kneel down and say your prayers tonight,” he said. “Think about this person that you now have leading this country.”

“He was elected by white America,” Moore continued. “[T]hey voted for Trump because they were angry. They voted for Trump because they wanted to throw a bomb into the system that hurt them.”

Moore concluded by calling Trump voters racist as well. “If you still support the racist, you are the racist,” he said. “I’m not letting anybody off the hook here. White people who voted for him. America has to stand up. We cannot any longer mealy-mouth about this. Anybody who enables, anybody who votes for and supports a racist, is a racist. You are culpable white America, I’m sorry. But there is redemption for you.”

What do you think about what Moore said?

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