Mo Dowd: “Know Who Would Want Augusta National To Include Women? Jesus”

I’m not so sure Jesus would approve of Democrats patronizing women as a voter block which needs to be told what to do. He probably wouldn’t appreciate the Nazi reference, either: What Would Jesus Do at the Masters?

THERE was a boys’ club, of course, a band of ardent, jockeying disciples. But as his fame grew, the messiah was also surrounded by women and talked about women with great respect. With his father far away, the golden boy was most influenced by his strong mother and the women in his inner circle.

I’m talking about the real messiah, not Barack Obama, although it applies to both.

So, let’s see, Mo starts off by insulting belief in Jesus by first sarcastically calling him a “golden boy” and, then comparing Obama to Jesus.

Even as Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s Republican governor, signed legislation repealing a law that helped women by making wage discrimination easier to fight, President Obama accessorized with women, trying to widen his 18-point gender gap in swing states.

Hmm, maybe Mo saw through Obama’s weak attempt to use women as campaign props. She then goes on to throw a few more snarky remarks Obama’s way, then discusses how Saudi Arabia is squashing women’s rights, and how the International Olympics Committee should ban Saudi Arabia due to discrimination, which is in their charter to do, then we get

It could be part of the continuing penance to be paid for legitimizing Hitler by granting him – and Leni Riefenstahl – the 1936 Games.

Augusta National Golf Club, which has kept its men-only policy long after giving up its black-caddies-only rule, should stop emulating the Saudis and award a green jacket and club membership to Virginia Rometty, the new chief of I.B.M., a Masters sponsor. You know you’re in trouble when Rick Santorum is urging you to be more progressive on women.

There we go: Augusta National is kinda like the Nazis. I thought that the Left proclaimed that Nazi references were now verboten?

Finally, in the perverse pantheon of reactionary men in robes, we have God’s Rottweiler, as Pope Benedict is known. He welcomed Easter by sitting on a golden throne and denouncing the “disobedience” of Catholic priests who want the decaying, ingrown institution that sheltered so many abusive priests to let in some fresh air and allow female and married priests, as well as Holy Communion for Catholics who have remarried without an annulment.

So, now she insults Catholics and the Pope.

The message of Jesus, after all, is not about exclusion, but inclusion.

No, the message of Jesus is one of love, and, there’s that pesky thing about him dying for Man’s sins. The message of Jesus is

Now after John was arrested, Jesus came to Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God, and saying, ‘The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God has come near; repent, and believe in the good news’” (Mark 1:14-15).

The message is to repent, and get yourself right with God. But, like so many others, Mo uses Jesus to push her political agenda, which seems to usually be rather hostile to the Christian religion. Jesus might quote the 10 Commandments, and say, why are you killing the unborn? He might say “why are you burdening your descendents with obscene amounts of debt?” He might also wonder about “coveting thy neighbor’s house” (Exodus 20) and stealing from others, ie, forced income redistribution.

He also might wonder why the NY Times leadership is so white. Same with MSNBC and most liberal news organizations.

As for Augusta National, well, it might actually be time to open the membership up to women. But, that’s their decision. What’s wrong with a men only club? Personally, I’d find it boring without women around, but, to each his own. If women want to have their own clubs that are women only, hey, fine. Whatever. But, this whole article is supposed to be about the mythical Republican war on women. And Jesus might have a problem with bearing false witness against thy neighbor.

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