Moonbat Tech: The E~Cart

At last, technology has delivered a means for progressives to assuage their guilt as they shop for arugula at grocery stores lit and refrigerated at the expense of the put-upon polar bears:


The e~cart promises quite an electrifying experience! It’s a shopping trolley re-designed to be fitted with wheels that harness the kinetic energy, generated due to its motion. The sourced up energy is deposited to the main power storage unit, when the cart docks into it. Just line them up, one behind the other to form a power chain!


Just by pushing their carts around, shoppers may be able to generate enough electricity to take the store right off the grid! That will come in handy, when Comrade Obama follows up on his campaign promise to make electicity prices “skyrocket.”

Like most eco-concepts, it’s about as likely to work as a magic spell, but that shouldn’t stop the project from receiving a generous cut of the next stimulus package. In a world run by liberals, it’s only the sanctimonious political correctness of the intentions that counts.

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On a tip from Air2air. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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