Moonbat Tech: The Guilt Fork

Not all moonbat technology is particularly sophisticated. Sometimes the genius lies in its very simplicity. For example, the Guilt Fork manages to inflict the self-hating, cowed mentality befitting a liberal simply by making the tines different lengths and stamping them with the names of countries both successful and “oppressed.” Yanko Design explains:

Statistics in books make me just totally fall asleep. What this projects aims to do is to add another page to the three dimensional world of awareness. “What if this kind of information crawled off the page and seeped into the products that surround us?” That’s what [inventor] Nadeem Haidary aims to explore. The first image you’ll see is of a fork whose prongs each represent the calories each capita consumes.


Order before midnight tonight and you also get a complete set of Guilt Plates. The size of the plate supposedly corresponds to per capita calorie consumption.


How dare anyone enjoy a decent meal when there are parts of the world not yet collecting food stamps?

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On a tip from Air2air. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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