Moonbats Are Still Falling Out of Berkeley Trees

One thing that keeps moonbats so entertaining is their inability to learn from each other’s idiocy. Remember Nate Hill, the treetard who went out on a limb in Berkeley while protesting the construction of a sports stadium and fell off it, breaking an arm and leg? The kooks infesting those particular trees have long since been cleared out by the Orkin Man, but there are plenty of other trees in Berkeley — and plenty of other kooks:

First she was buoyantly up in a “dangerous” People’s Park tree protesting “Everything,” but now she’s at Highland Hospital with a broken back, ending an eight-day protest which was a protest-in-progress.

The angel, who called herself Amy Blue (“I have many names,” she said), in her mid-twenties, was part of an impromptu group which wanted to herald in a new age of “peace and love,” in a park rife with assaults.

Her last fall from the tree was her second. She fell in her second day in the tree and was caught in the arms of a friend before she hit the ground. “Moon Shadow,” who was first up, last Monday, reportedly took a plunge when — out on a limb — he helped attach a protest banner.

This time the official purpose of living in the trees is “to curb university control of the park and return it to Ohlone Indians.”

The new age of peace and love ushered in by the tree-dwelling moonbats has been keeping police busy.

University police arrested Brandon Smith, 25, on an outstanding warrant in Napa County for theft. The park rumor-mill reported that the arrested man was “Moon Shadow,” who had boasted to me, he would “mind-f*** the police”‘, after he descended from the tree, Monday to free himself from “the prison” of his mind while aloft.

Smith is now believed to be a hippie who calls himself “Oberon.” A previous tree infestation ended when arboreal moonbat Matt Dodt was arrested for attempted murder.

The reason the cops don’t simply clear the vermin out of the trees for the sake of public order is that this being Berkeley, they too are moonbats. According to a university police sergeant who dealt with the earlier Oak Grove infestation,

“Berkeley not only tolerates free speech, but the university community cherishes the principle of free speech to the point that we tend to tolerate certain uncivil (and even technically criminal) behaviors that might be more swiftly addressed in other jurisdictions.”

Just don’t indulge in any free speech that isn’t politically correct.

Amy Blue and Moon Shadow: two good reasons to own a chainsaw.

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