Mural Portraying Trayvon Martin as Innocent Victim Displayed in Florida Capitol

Just when you feel certain that nothing could lower your opinion of moonbats, this turns up — not on the side of an abandoned liquor store in the Bronx, but inside the Florida State Capitol:

Mononymous moonbat artist Huong and her handiwork.

The scary looking guy with the gun of course represents neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman, who was not standing up when he put a timely end to Trayvon Martin’s existence but on the ground getting his head bashed against the sidewalk by the psychopathic thug, whose face has been replaced by a mirror to crudely reflect the title, “We Are All Trayvon Martin.”

Viewers will note that Saint Skittles is getting shot from behind, in stark contrast to what actually occurred after he attacked Zimmerman. The inclusion of Martin Luther King Jr, the highest saint in the liberal pantheon, confirms that the young hoodlum has ascended to Moonbat Olympus.

This cartoonishly ham-fisted example of agitprop was unveiled in the capitol after the version of events it implies was proven false in a court of law. By explicitly rejecting the verdict of its own court, the government of Florida repudiates its own validity.

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There is no depth of irresponsibility, mendacity, and tastelessness so low that liberal oligarchs won’t stoop to it to fuel the phony racial grievance mentality that keeps blacks and neurotic self-hating whites lined up behind them.

On tips from Stormfax, Stephan the Original, G. Fox, and Antara. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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