‘Muslim Free’ Gun Store Infuriates Liberals With THIS… HAH!

‘Muslim Free’ Gun Store Infuriates Liberals With THIS… HAH!

In what is being called an “extreme example” of the First Amendment right to freedom of speech, the “Muslim free” gun store is now offering targets that don the face of some of America’s “favorite” Socialists.

With the facial distortion, the targets are eerily reminiscent of the Joker, from the Batman comics. They might end up giving you nightmares if you’re not careful.

You have been warned.


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From The Huffington Post:

A Florida gun store that made headlines last year when it declared itself a “Muslim-free zone“ is now selling shooting targets that depict President Barack Obama as well as Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Florida Gun Supply in Inverness, about 75 miles north of Tampa, has the targets for sale for $4.99, a discount from the usual $9.99 price.

The Clinton and Obama targets may have been previously available, but the Sanders target is a new addition since April when Hallinan posted a video apologizing because “I didn’t show my new Bernie Sanders target sooner.”

He also launched a website called BernieTargets.com to sell the items.

“These targets are designed to be nothing more than extreme examples of the 1st amendment,” the company wrote on its Facebook page. “This art is not to incite violence — but rather to inspire ALL of America to gain a better understanding of how strong our 1st amendment rights are — even if they are unpopular.”

Hallinan is known for his store’s attention-getting stunts. In addition to declaring the store to be a Muslim-free zone, he also sold prints of Confederate flag paintings made by George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager, in 2012.

If you’re in the area, I would heavily recommend making this gun shop your #1 go-to spot, before whiny liberals get it shut down because it offends them.

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