My Response To The Sarah Palin Notes-On-Her-Hand Controversy In A Picture

Liberals have been flipping out because Sarah Palin wrote some notes on her hand when she did her speech at the Tea Party in Tennessee.

Sarah Palin hand notes

What exactly is their problem with it? It’s hard to say exactly. On the one hand (Ha, ha!), they’re really angry and upset about it, but their explanations are completely incoherent. Of course, you get that a lot with liberals.

Still, as a conservative, you’ve got to ask: how do you respond to these silly, frivolous, brainless, angry attacks on Sarah Palin writing notes on her hand? Giving a logical response to complaints that are completely illogical probably won’t help. Hmmmm, let me refer to my notes:

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John Hawkins hand notes

Yeah, I think that about covers it.

Update #1: I love it when Sarah comes right back at the morons on the left who are criticizing her. From her campaign stop with Rick Perry: “Hi Mom.”

Palin hand - Hi Mom

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