New York Times Lobbies for Air Conditioning for Prisons

The bleeding heart liberals at the New York Times have discovered a new cause to champion — they want air conditioning for prisoners:

Judges from Arizona to Mississippi to Wisconsin have declared over the years that the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution forbids incarceration in decidedly hot or cold temperatures. Still, prison reform activists encounter deep resistance in their quest to cool the nation’s cellblocks.

Cruelly, some inmates have to make due with fans.

“Once these buildings heat up in the summertime, they never really do ever cool back down again,” Keith M. Cole, a plaintiff in the Texas class-action case [demanding more comfortable prison cells], said at the Navasota prison where he is serving a life sentence for murder and is being treated for heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. “Air-conditioning to me wouldn’t be a comfort. It’s a necessity — it’s a medical necessity.”

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A convicted murderer is too warm. It’s almost enough to make you bust out crying.

After reaching his fiery finally destination, Cole will no doubt sue the Devil to provide central air.

“In the South, almost everybody has air-conditioning,” said Jeffrey S. Edwards, a lawyer for Mr. Cole. “This isn’t a luxury anymore. Almost everyone has it, except for these inmates.”

Unmentioned is that prior to its invention in 1902, no one had air conditioning. The entire human race survived without, even criminals.

From elsewhere in the liberal media come strident demands that we stop using air conditioning because according to the moonbat faith it causes global warming, and because America’s heavy use of it makes B.O.-pungent Europeans laugh at us.

If the liberal media gets its way — as it usually does in the end — legislation will eventually mandate that all prisons have air conditioning, which will be illegal everywhere else.

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