Next Time A Liberal Asks You ‘WHY NOT HILLARY?’ Show Them THIS – VIDEO

Next Time A Liberal Asks You ‘WHY NOT HILLARY?’ Show Them THIS – VIDEO

Like some Trump supporters, there are some people voting for Hillary simply because she’s not the other person. There are, however, those who actually think she would be a good President. If you happen to run into either type, feel free to show them this video, and then watch their reaction.


From The Daily Caller:

Hillary Clinton is a political chameleon.

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Over the years, the former secretary of state has made a career of publicly changing her mind on the issues, and a video began making the rounds on pro-Bernie Sanders subreddits over the weekend chronicling some of her greatest hits.

Watch the video below:

I can’t stand that woman and she has absolutely no credibility with thinking Americans.

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