NY Mayor DeBlasio Learns The Price Of Keeping Schools Open During School

Perhaps keeping the schools open in Wisconsin during a massive snow storm would be OK (well, not really, not in today’s litigious and uber-safety conscious society. Perhaps 20-30 years ago), but NYC? Not so much. Hey, you voted for this hard-core Leftists, New Yorkers, so this is on you

(USA Today) As New Yorkers struggled to make their way around slushy streets, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision to keep New York City’s schools open Thursday drew criticism and praise. Some said the conditions made it difficult for kids to travel while others backed his stance saying kids needed to be in be school.

“I think it’s kind of crazy,” said David Martino, 28, who was visiting New York from Oakland, Calif. “For those who have to find their own way to school, it’s really dangerous. You could walk to school today and show up from your waist down soaked. And then, you’re stuck in school for the rest of the day drenched. That’s uncomfortable and it’s not sanitary.”

De Blasio countered complaints during a news conference.

“So many families depend on their schools as a place for their kids to be during the day, a safe place – a place where they are not only are taught, they get nutrition and they are safe from the elements,” he said.

“So many families have to go to work, the members of these families have to go to work, they do not have a choice, and they need a safe option for their kids. So as long as we know our kids can get to school safely, and we know we can operate our schools effectively, we make that decision.”

Some note that the schools are not baby-sitter services. Most schools seemed to have low attendance, and there was very little in the way of reading, writing, test taking, nor education occurring.

Over at the NY Times, an interesting point is made

With six snowstorms in six weeks, Mr. de Blasio has been drawing short straws in an unforgiving city, and he pointed out on Thursday that city schools have been closed for snow only 11 times in nearly 40 years.

Then again, the city received 9.5 inches of snow in Central Park, which might not be heavy for North Dakota, but is for NYC. The forecast was exactly correct for the snow, sleet, and freezing rain. And schools across New York state, New Jersey, and Connecticut were, in fact, closed.

Why would DeBlasio do this? Many of his allies and supporters said the policy was “misguided”. We could probably guess. As a hardcore Leftist, he does see the school system as a babysitter service, one which can conveniently indoctrinate kids. We can also assume that he’s an idiot for going with this policy, which probably didn’t sit too well with teachers who would have loved a snow day themselves.

BTW, in the latter part of the NY Times article we learn

In his State of the City address, Mr. de Blasio announced a plan for municipal identification cards that was greeted warmly by (illegal) immigrant residents and their advocates, who thanked the mayor for bringing New York in line with other major cities, like Los Angeles and San Francisco, that use similar systems.

So, wait, I thought identification cards were Bad, at least when it comes to requiring ID to perform the Constitutionally sacred ideal of voting?

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