NY Times Really Loves Anti-Gun Letters

One has to love the hypocrisy of a big corporation which uses armed security guards being so anti-gun for everyone else. And they are apparently going to make sure they keep pushing the anti-gun meme, from the employees who write opinions to those writing letters. No opposing opinions are allowed in Liberal World

Taking Steps to Avert Mass Shootings

Re “The Gun Challenge: Reason to Hope After the Newtown Rampage” (editorial, Dec. 18):

Wouldn’t it be a wondrous thing if, in the aftermath of our latest national tragedy, every rational, feeling member of the National Rifle Association were to follow the example of Senators Joe Manchin III and Mark Warner and call for a less rigid stance toward gun control?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every constituent of a pro-N.R.A. representative were to sign a petition stating strong support for more effective restrictions on weapons in this country?

It’s hard to believe there are that many Americans who genuinely believe that easy access to the tools of destruction makes the world a better place to live in.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone had a unicorn to provide free, magical power? Unfortunately, there gun genie is out of the box, and has been for a long, long time. The only thing that these anti-gun zealots will accomplish will be to disarm those who use guns for hunting, sport, and protection. If the POTUS has lots and lots of people around him carrying guns to protect him, why should a private citizen not be afforded the ability to protect themselves? More and more women purchase handguns to protect themselves. Gun control zealots would prefer to put their own unyieldingpolitics above the safety of women.

Here’s another anti-gun zealot Einstein

When the heroes of Sandy Hook Elementary School defended 700 students against a lone gunman, they were also defending those children against an army of gun lobbyists – that force that continues to fight to allow hellish weapons to drop into the hands of our country’s Adam Lanzas.

Gun zealots promote the fantasy that when faced with violence, any one of us – students, holiday shoppers and moviegoers – could click into commando mode and stop a maniac in a bulletproof vest, if only we were armed. But Nancy Lanza had staggering firepower. She couldn’t stop her own son.

Well, gee, imagine that one of those teachers or administrators had a gun. The suicidal wackjob looking to go into the history books might have thought twice about attacking the school. Most large scale gun violence seems to take place in “gun free” zones. Furthermore, being able to fire one shot per trigger pull is not “staggering firepower”. I wonder what that anti-gun zealot thinks about Obama’s Secret Service protection carrying fully automatic submachine guns?

This letter does include some good ideas, but is still somewhat divorced from reality

The unspeakable tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School should challenge us to consider these measures:

:¶There should be a waiting period to purchase any gun or rifle. (for the most part, there is, at least when it comes to handguns. I do agree that something should be done regarding the “gun show” exemption)

:¶There should be a background check on all potential gun purchasers. (there is when it comes to handguns)

:¶The mentally ill and convicted criminals should not be allowed to purchase or have weapons. (what if the conviction is for shoplifting or insider trading? Non-violent crimes? Should they be restricted? And, the ACLU and Democrats have done all they can to make sure that the mentally ill are not held to account.)

:¶AK-47s and other automatic weapons should not be sold (with exceptions for the military and law enforcement) (It’s already illegal for automatic weapons to be sold and possessed).

:¶High-capacity magazines and Teflon bullets should not be sold. (Certain bullets should not be manufactured. High cap mags make little difference, as a competent gun owner can change one out in 2-3 seconds)

:¶Guns should not be able to be bought over the Internet. (All sales from actual companies require that the gun be picked up at a licensed firearms store. As far as selling on Ebay, etc, yes, I have a problem with that)

Let’s jump back a second, and discuss the criminal thing

(WRAL) Durham police arrested a man Tuesday in connection with the shooting of a police officer during a traffic stop.

Carlos Antonio Riley Jr., 21, faces charges of assault on a law enforcement officer causing serious injury, robbery with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Wait, a convicted felon had a firearm? And used it? How’d Riley get it? Would anyone like to consider that he obtained it illegally? Because he’s a criminal? And criminals do not care about the law? And if you take the guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens you leave them prey to people like Riley, Jr. who do not care about the law, and will get a gun.

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