Obama’s Communications Adviser Drops The N-Bomb On Twitter

Obama’s Communications Adviser Drops The N-Bomb On Twitter

By John Hawkins from Right Wing News. You can follow Right Wing News on Facebook.

Is there any Republican in America who could survive making this kind of mistake?

Dan Pfeiffer is among the many people who get paid, with your tax dollars, to lie for the White House. Twitter is one of the places Pfeiffer tells those lies. But this morning, courtesy of New York magazine, he used it to show us the truth about himself.


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Oh, my.

Pfeiffer deleted it a few minutes later, changed his pants, and then followed up with this:

Go figure.

I think we all know what happened here: Dan Pfeiffer is a huge racist, and for a brief moment he let the mask pointy white hood slip.

Just kidding, of course. It’s not like he’s a Republican! Therefore, we must give him the benefit of the doubt that he meant to type “bigger.” He was just lying about his political opponents, not being a racist.

Liberals may be the world’s most easily offended people. They see racism everywhere and in everything, but a white man who works for Obama drops the n-word on twitter and suddenly, “Oh gee, let’s not make a big deal about this!” Okay fine, we won’t. But, when liberals start howling that Tea Partiers are racist for supporting low taxes or that opposing Obama is racist or they unleash any of the rest of their standard hypersensitivity, just remember that it’s all phony because they refused to question the motivations or “hidden racism” of a Democrat who actually dropped the n-bomb in front of the whole world.

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