Occupiers Will March On Banks Friday, Create Lots Of Trash

The big question is, will the drummers be there, after being hosed by the cheapskates who control the movement’s money?

(Politico) Occupy Wall Street protesters will march to five banks in Manhattan on Friday and deliver thousands of letters to the companies – in the form of a “mass paper airplane throwing.”

According to the plans for the march detailed on the movement’s website, at 1 p.m., protesters will meet at Bryant Park in midtown and march to the headquarters of Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase.

Well, that shouldn’t cause any problems with NYC traffic or interfere with people who are trying to move around.

Thousands of letters that were submitted to occupytheboardroom.org will be folded into paper airplanes, and at some of the banks, protesters will execute a “mass paper airplane throwing event,” after which the planes will be collected in a large mailbag and left in the lobbies of the banks.

The more probably outcome will be that the Morons will throw the planes then just leave them, especially since it will be slightly windy in NYC, with the wind blowing around 10mph. Not that the wind has anything to do with the Occupiers leaving trash: they always leave places a mess.

At another stop in their march, demonstrators will deliver a “singing telegram” to the company’s CEOs by singing in unison the text of one of the letters. When the singing is over, protesters will once again try to leave letters in the lobby of the banks.

The march will end at the headquarters of JP Morgan and Chase, where protesters will hold a letter-reading activity, with JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon as the intended target.

I bet the big wigs are going to listen intently…..na, they’ll have the security guards keep the surely smelly, dirty Occutards out of the buildings. And the whole time the NYPD will have to follow along, being exposed to the toxic odors emanating from the mass of unwashed humanity, and costing the city tons of money.

Here’s an interesting letter from the occupytheboardroom.org site

I sympathize with Bankers that had forced upon them The Community Re-Investment Act. What did these numnuts in Washington think…that you would write bad loans to please them and then hold onto them. Of course not. You did not work your way up the ladder of some of the world’s greatest banking organizations and not recognize a bad piece of paper when you see it, so you did what any smart banker would do…you bundled those bad loans thinking some possible safety in numbers and sold those loans for a hefty profit. Good for you, but what about Barney Frank who when warned about the Fanny and Freddy House of Cards went on TV and said that the big, bad Republicans didn’t want poor people to have any more houses and he and Se. Dodd continued to encourage Clinton appointee Franklin Delano Raines to write more and more and to purchase more of those bad loans. Raines even falsified the numbers so that he could make several millions of dollars in bonuses and Sen. Dodd got himself a deal. As head of The powerful Senate Banking Comm. he allowed himself to be bought off cheaply. He received several no interest loans from Countrywide Bank, but the OWS folks don’t want to hold the Clintons, Raines, Franks and Dodds accountable they would rather blame big bad Wall St. Well you guys are smart and you knew what was going on and that it had to ‘blow up’ eventually so you too must be held accountable, but no more so than Clinton, Dodd, Frank and especially Raines who personally collected millions. A pox on all of you.

Wait, wait, if this was forced on the bankers (and, I’ll agree, many in the financial sector did some extremely stupid things based on the laws) by Democrats, why are you protesting at the offices of The Bankers? You should be in Washington at the offices of Frank and Dodd. Clinton’s home is not all that far from where you are protesting in NYC. I’m thinking the letter is a plant.

Dear Mister Big Stuff, I believe it’s time for a change. You know what you did, you disgusting man. It makes me sick to think that anyone who has as much power or money as you would steal from the people, to do what? You must have heard the protests by now, seen the news, listened to at least one person’s voice SCREAMING for you to change. Hurry up, Mister Big Stuff, the ghost of Christmas Present is upon you.

Well, I’m sure the recipient will listen, since you were so nice and all.

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