Occupy Charlotte: “A Rogue Group Of Kids”

All is not hunky dory within the Charlotte Occupiers group. Perhaps they just don’t have enough drums?

(CBS Charlotte) “Occupy Charlotte” protesters have carried out an official coup within the group.

Thomas Shope, 47, credited with helping to organize “Occupy Charlotte,” was exiled from the group for claiming leadership.

A YouTube video broadcasts the group’s reasoning with an automated voice speaking over classical piano.

“Some of your actions have compromised the reputation, motivation and unity of the protesters of the ‘Occupy Charlotte’ movement,” it starts.

It’s amusing how these free spirits seem to immediately gravitate towards acting like a big fascist government. They have committees, er, working groups, for everything, and do not seem to tolerate any dissension within the ranks. Shope was acting like a *gasp* leader, and

“Occupy Charlotte,” like its counterparts in cities around the world, governs itself with a lateral democracy and voted him out.

If this is the way they treat their own, imagine the way they will treat everyone else? Well, we already know how they treat other: they sh*t on them, figuratively and literally.

“They’re a rogue group of kids,” Shope told CBS Charlotte. “They did anything a child can come up with to get people from the group on their side.”

Really? Who would have thought that! Acting like 5 year olds? Seriously? Just because they refuse to take baths just like 5 year olds, are filthy like 5 year olds, will squat anywhere to drop a load like a 5 year old, make enormous amounts of noise and get louder when asked to tone it down like 5 year olds, doesn’t mean they’re 5 year olds, does it?

And, just to note, a reader emailed me asking why bother with these stories? Why give press to these lunatics? I could give a long winded and rational answer, but, really, it all comes down to the humor factor. These are the Democratic Underground people made viewable. Moonbats on parade.

And, oh, you know what’d be really fun? If these lunatics are still in Charlotte during the 2012 Democrat Convention.

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