Oh, Noes, There’s A Minaret In The GOP Convention Logo!

When you really need some stupid liberal conspiracies for your daily amusement, TPM is there: Does The 2012 GOP Convention Logo Include A Minaret?

The RNC’s 2012 convention logo features the Tampa Bay skyline and one of the buildings apparently represented in the logo is what was formerly the Old Tampa Bay Hotel, a prominent feature of the Florida city’s skyline. What’s interesting is that the Old Tampa Bay Hotel is a product of the so-called “Moorish Revival” architectural style. And the building is graced by six minarets, the small towers built around a mosque to call worshipers to prayer. The minarets even include the spires with half crescents, a well-known symbol of Islam.

So is it one of the building’s six minarets in the RNC logo? Or is it one of the building’s four cupolas? It looks to us like the minaret. But look at the picture and judge for yourself.

The apparent minaret in the logo was first pointed out by DemConWatch. And there may be those who wonder how some of the more anti-mosque elements of the GOP might react to such an architectural inclusion.

It must be some sort of super secret GOP plot to Do Something involving with Muslims. Or, it could be that it is just a frickin’ hotel that became the Henry B. Plant at the U. Of Tampa, and has nothing to do with being a mosque located right next to Ground Zero led by an Imam who believes Sharia Law should come to America, and that 9/11 was some Jewish plot. Good thing he isn’t being sponsored by the State Dept. on a worldwide trip to Muslim hot spots or something, right?

It’s not at all clear what architectural homage the RNC intended with the logo — and they did not immediately return TPM’s request for comment.

Why would they address stupid? However, someone else addressed stupid, as TPM highlights their own self pwn

Late Update: Belinda Cook of the hosting committee emailed this:

The logo is the logo of the Tampa Bay Host Committee…the non profit created by the City to raise funds for the Convention infrastructure. It is nit the RNC Convention logo.

Um, oops?

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