Our Modern Universities: Live Sex Shows in the Classroom

So, what do you get for $500 an hour if you are Northwestern University Professor John Bailey and you’re looking for a new way to teach your class about sex? Apparently you get a live sex show right in the classroom where a woman is impaled with a sex toy jammed on the end of a reciprocating power saw. Nice way to spend university donor’s money, isn’t it?

Professor Bailey and his fist full of university cash paid one Kevin Melvoin-Berg to bring a woman and her “fiance” into the classroom where she was brought to orgasm with the aforementioned powertool turned sex toy. Melvoin-Berg runs a Chicago area touring company called Weird Chicago where customers are taken on a tour of all the strangest places in the city. Those “weird” places include areas where there have supposedly been ghost sightings, 20s era gangland sites, serial killer sites, and old prostitution sites in the city. This multitalented character bills himself as a “psychic detective and ghost hunter,” as well. Yes, he’s just the sort of legitimate expert that a university should turn to in order to teach students about human sexuality, ya know?

Like a good educator, Professor Bailey took the intellectual road to defend his inclusion of live sex shows in his class room, too. As he told the Daily Northwestern,”Sticks and stones may break your bones, but watching naked people on stage doing pleasurable things will never hurt you.”

Oh, this prof is way too intahlekshual for me, I have to say.

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Melvoin-Berg and professor Bailey defend their trip down prurient lane, naturally. The students, they say, were all quite enthusiastic about the classroom demonstration. And, why not? After all, they’d have to spend several hundred bucks each themselves to see such a show out in the real world. Extra for the donkey, I’m sure.

But, to get serious for a moment, do we poll “the students” on what they should be learning? Aren’t schools supposed to present a curriculum for students to benefit from, not just “stuff they like”? Aren’t professional educators supposed to have knowledge to impart not just to present salacious “liked” spectacles of prurient interest?

But, let’s face it, Prof Bailey’s entire line of “teaching” is yet another pseudo educational pursuit. I mean, the guy teaches “human sexuality,” fer cripes sakes! That isn’t a useful educational endeavor. It is just more idiotic nonsense like “Gay studies,” or “women’s studies,” or other such junk sciences. It is just more proof of the depths of foolishness that our institutes of higher learning have fallen to.

A university degree is no longer worth the paper upon which it is printed and perverts like Professor Bailey are why.

Here is a report on the incident from Fox News Chicago.

Controversy Over Live Sex Demo at Northwestern University’s ‘Human Sexuality’ Class : MyFoxCHICAGO.com

But, maybe our friendly sex peddling Prof is at the cutting edge of the “new” way to educate, after all. It seems that his buddies in the National Education Association has petitioned the United Nations to teach little kids how to masturbate so that way they won’t hate gays… er something. Sadly it looks like our so-called “educators” in America today don;t care much about reading, writing and arithmetic and care more about centerfolds, sex toys, and perversion.

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