OWS: What Better Way To Get People On Your Side Than Tick Them Off?

Thursday’s two month anniversary of liberals squatting in squalor, avoiding showers, banging on drums, doing drugs, raping other Occupiers, exposing themselves to children, and ruining the local businesses profits, among others, was a perfect show of liberalism. For some reason, they think the best way to achieve their objectives is to use vinegar instead of chocolate (I don’t like honey). We’ve seen their master, Barack Obama, do this numerous times. They do this mostly because they a.) do not care about anyone but themselves, b.) think they are entitled, and c.) ….. well, that’s pretty much it. Liberalism is all about narcissism, and screw everyone else if they do not follow the rest of the lemmings

(NY Post) It wasn’t life or death – but it sure felt that way for the thousands of impatient New Yorkers whose daily routines were thrown into chaos.

“I’m just trying to get [home] to take the dog out!” screamed Downtown Brooklyn resident Sara Halstead, who balked at walking across the Brooklyn Bridge while it was clogged with protesters.

“I don’t want to get locked up if I try to cross!” she yelled.

“This is so freaking annoying!” she fumed. “So many people are in the way and so many fences up.”

She and 99 percent of other commuters struggled to navigate street-clogging protests, at least nine rerouted buses, several closed subway entrances and whole blocks barricaded by the Police Department.

If the protesters’ plan was to agitate everyone other than the deep-pocketed denizens of Wall Street, they succeeded.

While they were at it, they managed to scare the crayons out of school kids, chanting “Follow those kids!” and forcing them and their parents to run a gauntlet of unwashed, lice infested Occupiers in order to get to school. This is what democracy looks like? I don’t think so. This is what entitlement and narcissism look like

That’s Stacey Hessler, the runaway Florida mom who abandoned her husband and kids to join the scuzzy folks in Zuccotti Park, now dreadlocked, and arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. A perfect example for everything that is wrong with the American Left.

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