Paranoid Racist Whack Jobs.

Remember all the outcry when we raised hell about President Obama’s address to students? Our concerns were “baseless“. We’re clearly nothing but “paranoid right wing nut jobs“. And of course, don’t forget RAAAACIST!! Fine, other Presidents have spoken to students before. THAT is not what we took issue with! How many Presidents issued study guides? And how many treated everything the President said as fact? I wrote about this yesterday:

So much for objectivity, right? As I said yesterday, the things that are being presented as fact are, well, not so much fact. When the experts are still hotly debating the legislation, and there can be no clear answers derived from the bill itself, it is NOT fact. Go read this, from HSLDA.

The most interesting thing about the abortion issue? BOTH sides are protesting! The right is angry because they believe it IS included, and the left is angry for the opposite reason. The wording is SO loose that no one actually knows what’s in it. The fact that a teacher presumes to know the truth and teach it to the class as fact is inexcusable. Of course, abortion is NOT the only issue. The rest of the numbers used are skewed at best, if not flat out wrong. Such as the number of people who are uninsured, which mysteriously changes. This is EXACTLY the issue we were concerned about. Then yesterday, this video was released (which I’m sure most of you have seen by now:

So this is all after the fact. Are we just looking for things to justify our accusations after the fact? No. My first cue that there would be indoctrination of children involved was this:

THIS IS NOT NORMAL. And parents are right to object. When there are teachers like Diantha Harris around, there is a justifiable concern for parents who are sending their children to public school every day. So lefties, keep your head in the sand. Pretend your children are independent thinkers. But if you think your 5 year old has the intellect and wit to out-think an authority figure and come to their own conclusions regarding the President of the United States, I feel for your child.

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