Patagonia Devotes Itself to Moonbattery

Patagonia Devotes Itself to Moonbattery

Patagonia is no longer primarily about overcharging for outdoor clothing. It has other priorities:

The CEO of outdoor clothing giant Patagonia is burnishing her anti-Republican bona fides again, this time saying she intends to pledge her entire company to the “resistance” of President Donald Trump.

Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario recently attacked President Trump for his statements about rolling back President Obama’s unusually aggressive campaign of confiscating millions of acres of state lands and claiming them as “national monuments.”

On behalf of the company, she plans to use lawfare and donations to envirokook political candidates to advance her agenda.

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No doubt hermetically sealed in the liberal elite bubble, Marcario cannot be expected to know that people aren’t happy with Obama’s tyrannical land grabs.

Many state governments fully agree with Trump’s assessment and were furious when Obama swooped in from Washington and stole away millions of acres of land from state control to create new national monuments and parks.

A poll of residents of Utah, for instance, showed that 60 percent opposed Obama’s land grab, while only 33 percent supported it.

The federal government already controlled far more than enough land before Obama. We will see if devoting the company to advancing the centralized control characteristic of tyrannies helps Patagonia sell clothing.

federally owned land
The land is supposed to be ours, not the federal government’s.

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