Petula Dvorak: “How Dare Chick-fil-A, Papa John’s and In-N-Out Burger Offer Their Opinions”

Liberals love Free Speech as long as it conforms exactly to their own narrow, rigid dogma

(Washington Post) Since when does serving up junk food give someone a license to preach?

Since it’s a private business and they are covered by the 1st Amendment of the Bill Of Rights would be my guess.

Politics and all things fried, fatty and fast are becoming intertwined to the point of absurdity.

We’ve got the Papa John’s pizza guys weighing in on the health-care debate, while the burger slingers out west at In-N-Out can’t serve up a cheeseburger without a Bible verse.

In Liberal World, one is not allowed to discuss Obamacare raising one’s costs, and, sheesh, In-N-Out has dared, dared I tell you, to put numbers of Bible tracks on some of the cups and food wrappers! It must be excruciatingly painful for a Liberal to see “Proverbs 3:5” and “Nahum 1:7” written out on their soda cup (make sure it is less than 20 oz!). That’s what she calls “Bible verse”: just a name and passage number.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy opposes same-sex marriage to anyone who has heard the hymns piped into the restaurant or tried to tame a chicken jones on a Sunday, only to find a closed restaurant because Sunday is for God, not chicken. But his remarks on the subject created a furor and divided the nation yet again along political lines.

I’ve lived in the South full time since 1991, and started attending college here in 1985: I’ve been to lots of Chick-fil-a stores around the state and in other states, and I have never heard hymns piped in. The music is……well, if there’s music, you can’t hear it over the sound of lots of people eating. Perhaps Petulant Dvorak heard a Christian soft rock song being played at the mall, where the stores do not control the music. And, of course, you see the whines about the store daring to be closed on Sunday.

Fortunately, she provides balance

On the other end of the spectrum, the folks who brought us the bulk of that eat-a-pint-after-a-breakup weight, Ben & Jerry’s, churned out a Hubby-Hubby flavor in support of same-sex marriage.

Why does bad food have to come with politics? Where do the broccoli people stand on abortion? That, we’ll never know.

Perhaps some people do not find it to be bad food. Perhaps it’s little thing called “First Amendment Rights”.

Of course, this is America. And all business owners have a right to express their views however they see fit. But sometimes a right simply turns into righteous.

And that doesn’t taste too good.

Then don’t eat there.

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