Politico: You Know, You Silly Benghazi Believers….

There’s been quite a few complaints that the news media, which is mostly left leaning and Democrat voters, have refused to do their jobs on Benghazi. There have been a few intrepid and dogged reporters, yet, for the most part, it has been more about defending Team Obama and attacking citizens who just want answers. Here comes another that perfectly encapsulates the problems, as written by Politico’s Lauren French

The world of Benghazi believers

Hillary Clinton passed on the Sunday shows after the Benghazi attacks to preserve her White House aspirations.

The White House is covering up for political reasons why President Barack Obama wasn’t in the Situation Room as the attacks were unfolding.

And there are reasons CNN can track down the masterminds behind the 2012 ambush but the U.S. government can’t.

These are just a sampling of the doggedly held views of a die-hard cadre of Republican lawmakers about the controversial events that led to the death 20 months ago of four Americans in Benghazi – a word that is now synonymous for conservatives with cover-up and conspiracy.

Call them the Benghazi believers.

These Republicans – and there are dozens – are deeply convinced that the truth has yet to be fully aired about the attacks on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Libya that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

The blog post essentially attempts to say that tons of details have already come out and Republicans are nuts for continuing to dwell on the issue. And, it is a blog post. Lauren French is, like so many others in the major media who write on the subject, a reporter. Her bio shows she is a Congress reporter for Politico, and has worked as a reporter in several areas since she graduated from George Washington University in 2012 with a degree in journalism. Yet, there is no reporting in the article. It is a rehash of Benghazi, lite on details, long on subtly attacking Republicans and Conservatives who just want to know the truth. Flip it around: had this happened under a Republican president, Lauren and her compadres would be asking questions, digging, looking for The Truth.

I’ve seen lots and lots of theories regarding Benghazi. Some seem pretty far out there. Doug Ross posted one the other day, that, as he says, turns out to be less and less insane every day. Where does The Truth lie? When the 9/11 Truthers started their conspiracy theories, people came and knocked them down with facts. Reporters, scientists, military members, engineers, etc, got out there and investigated. Here, liberal reporters and news outlets have abrogated their responsibility to investigate, instead, they’ve taken the Democrat line, and turned into bloggers with a political view. Did Ms. French do any investigation on her own, or simply go “hey, let’s attack Republicans and Conservatives, make them look crazy”? All we want is the truth.

I suspect that, at the end of the day, this was all about incompetence and political spin. When it comes to Team Obama, don’t assign anything nefarious or complicated to what has been the norm for Team Obama: incompetence, a weak work ethic, shiny object policies, making everything hyper-political, obfuscation, a lack of transparency, spin after failure, old fashioned cover-ups.

If the president’s name were Bush or Reagan, we would long ago have had a minute-by-minute accounting of his every move. And if the incident involved some faraway American warrior’s slaying of a jihadist emir, we would long ago have had a Situation Room photo depicting Obama as maestro . . . with an accompanying soundtrack of classified leaks portraying his courage while others were under fire. Andrew C. McCarthy

Few, if any, left-leaning reporters care about the answer to the question. There is little interest to all the questions surrounding Benghazi. Why was security denied multiple times? Why was Ambassador Stevens there on 9/11? Why was no military help sent? Why was there no extra security on that day, despite multiple credible threats? Why the “it was a video” spin? Western Journalism has 50 questions. One of them is “Why have no suspects been arrested for the attack?” A real news organization would be looking for answers.

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