Project Veritas Exposes Sore Losers Stink Bomb Plots

Project Veritas Exposes Sore Losers Stink Bomb Plots

Sore Losers

Just imagine that a left wing group had published video like the following: there would be Force 10 Apoplexy from Democrats and their compliant media

(Daily Caller) Video released on Monday by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas purports to show a group of left wing activists plotting to use butyric acid stink bombs to disrupt a pro-Donald Trump inauguration event.

The edited video shows three members of the D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition discussing releasing stink bombs in the HVAC system of the National Press Club, where a pro-Trump event dubbed Deploraball will be held on Thursday.

The coalition is part of a network of left wing groups that plan to disrupt various Trump inauguration events. A group operating with the hashtag #DisruptJ20 plans to destroy property, carry out blockades and sow other chaos leading up to the inauguration. (RELATED: Inauguration Protesters Plan To Destroy Property, Disrupt Balls)

In the video, which was recorded last month, a coalition member named Scott Green explains what he hoped to achieve by using the butyric acid. The stink bombs would “ruin [event attendees’] outfits or otherwise make it impossible to continue with their plans. Make sure they get nothing accomplished,” he says in the video.

There should be no surprise that Leftist groups have these plans. There are surely many, many more that haven’t been caught. You can see the video at the Daily Caller link or Project Veritas. The information and full videos were given to the anti-terrorist law enforcement and the Secret Service.

Remember when there were all sorts of Right leaning groups attempting to utterly disrupt Obama’s inauguration? That’s right, we didn’t bother.

Elsewhere, a biker group is promising a “wall of meat” to keep the unhinged leftist protesters at bay.

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