Protesters Want Obama Back, Then They’re Asked Why – Answers Are HILARIOUS! [WATCH]

Protesters Want Obama Back, Then They’re Asked Why – Answers Are HILARIOUS! [WATCH]

It’s safe to say that liberals are not fans of Donald Trump’s — and they idolized Barack Obama. No surprise there really, but do they even know why they liked Obama? Judging by a recent video, the answer is no.

Austen Fletcher, a filmmaker, showed up in Los Angeles during May Day protests to find out why liberal protesters missed Barack Obama so much. But the problem was, most of them went completely blank when they were asked why. And they certainly couldn’t provide anything of substance. One man, for example, tried to argue that Obama was more “relatable” than the average person. “He’s such a supportive person… when you see him talking to people, he actually cares,” he said. How that translates into actual substantive policy is anyone’s guess, but hey — at least Obama cares, right? Even better, the man who claimed that Obama “cares” about people also was forced to admit that he knew nothing about Obama dropping bombs in Syria, because he didn’t keep track of such things.

Another great answer from a protester? When asked what he liked about Obama, he answered, “The swagger.” Because swagger is what you need in a president!

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One man, at least, was willing to acknowledge that Obama had abandoned his adopted hometown of Chicago and agreed that he should have done more. But he still wasn’t going to give any kudos to Trump, delivering some oh-so-classy f-bombs, before letting Fletcher know that he was about to get high.

The funny thing is that these liberals are willing to talk so much about how they love Obama and miss him, but they can’t name his policies and have no clue what he did while in office. So really, if they’re so uninformed, then how can they really say they love and miss him?

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