Righteous She-Moonbats Fail to Denounce Bill Clinton, Al Franken

Righteous She-Moonbats Fail to Denounce Bill Clinton, Al Franken

Liberal establishmentarians exploited Anita Hill during Clarence Thomas’ high-tech lynching. In the midst of sexual misconduct hysteria, they have dragged her out of mothballs to exploit her some more. Let’s hear what Ms. Hill has to say about the world’s most famous compulsive indulger in sexual misconduct, Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton:

[Kathleen] Willey, once an enthusiastic fundraiser for, and supporter of, Bill Clinton’s successful presidential campaigns, came to see him in the Oval Office. She was in financial trouble. He chose this moment to assault her. When asked about Willey’s accusations on Meet the Press, Hill dismissed them:

“We don’t have Ms. Willey claiming that this behavior was severe and ongoing, or pervasive enough that it became a condition of her employment. She’s not making that claim at all. And, in fact, no one has made that claim. She says in the deposition, I believe, that she was not given any particular favor at the White House because of this incident nor could she say that she suffered any disadvantage because of this incident.”

She then gave a variation of the “everybody does it” defense so frequently utilized by liberals during the 1990s, referencing former Democrat presidents JFK and LBJ.

From there it gets even dumber:

Hill kept going and compounded the “they all do it” defense with the now unfathomable double-standard reasoning that Clinton should get a pass because … he’s a liberal and supports “women’s issues.” Sound familiar?

Harvey Weinstein, the most egregious of the current crop of sexual abusers, is a flaming liberal who shovels money at so-called women’s issues, so by this logic he ought to get a pass too. Maybe that’s why Hollyweirdos picked Hill to lead their dog and pony show of a sexual misconduct commission.

Speaking of absurd theatrics, Al Franken gave a final speech after getting hounded out of the Senate. He droned on for 40 minutes, not with apologies for sexually abusing women, but with tired partisan denunciations of Republicans.

Franken did not mention the allegations of sexual misconduct that led to his resignation.

However, he did say that he has “earned a reputation as someone who respects the women I work alongside every day.”

What do Minnesota feminists have to say about the uncontrite Franken’s appalling behavior? Not much:

Many feminist professors at universities across Minnesota are declining to comment on or condemn Democrat Sen. Al Franken over his sexual harassment scandal — even as the senator prepares to resign for the misconduct. …

The College Fix reached out to nine women’s studies professors at four large public and private universities in Minnesota, the state Franken serves, to seek comment on the sexual harassment accusations against the Democrat politician and former actor, as well as his resignation.

Multiple queries elicited no comment from any of them, because feminism, like all liberal issues, is a fraud. It is exploited so long as it advances the agenda. Then it is discarded.

The issue is never the issue; the issue is always the revolution.

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