Roseanne Barr’s Wackiness On Display

I love Roseanne Barr’s blog not just because she’s a far left wing celebrity, children’s author, and radio host, but because she is crazy as a Mad Hatter. On any given day, you can read down her blog and find material like this:

obama nationalize the banks and the dollar before the patriot act expires!

kaballah teaches us that prophecy is a mental state and that we can reach the place in the mind where we see the future, and affect it with our thoughts. This is the kind of kabballistic meditation that I practice each day of my life. I am one of very very few jewish women who have ever learned this method of meditation. I share it with everyone in the world. It is much like the ghost dance of crazy horse. I first saw and spoke to crazy horse at aged three. He told me everything was about the mother and I would come to find her in this world. He led me to her. I go to Pele the MOTHER soon thank heaven! We are growing food now! praise allah and jupiter!

Obviously Obama feels we need to go to war in afghanistan in order to hem in china (another domino theory?

jewess WE CAN! the modern jewess is finding her powers becoming sparser with no fertile ground in which to anchor a seed. must keep wandering. jews must always wander. everywhere on earth , or else, the fact is the place dries up. the jewess has the power of water. she is in many many tribes of humanity. she is the vessel to contain the waters of clonedom, where stem cells are begat.

hindus sacrifice 250,000 animals to their goddess: all religions should be abolished for the cruelty, woman hating and warmaking, money grubbing, critical thinking destroying “systems of mind control” that they are. A world absent of victim blaming psychosis would absolutely be the “Messiah.”

If by some bizarre coincidence, Roseanne has any friends reading this, I think she’s off her meds again. Now might be the time for an intervention.

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