Salon: America Has Always Been Garbage

When you watch reprobates like Dianne Feinstein and Hanoi John Kerry sanctimoniously denounce their country for being mean to put-upon terrorists, you might imagine that at least the phony “torture” report has pushed the anti-American envelope as far as it can go. Wrong. Since left-wing hatred of everything America has traditionally stood for is as bottomless as hell, moonbats will always be able to push the envelope further still.

Charles Davis tells correct-thinking people what they must believe if they want to identify with the ruling class in the liberal establishment’s Salon:

While founded on the ethnic cleansing of the continent’s original inhabitants and the enslavement of its African workforce, the news – or rather, confirmation – that the CIA employed a revolting range of “enhanced” torture techniques in the wake of 9/11 is being portrayed by some as a vile exception to the United States’ otherwise exceptional history; a “stain on our values and history,” in the words of Senator Dianne Feinstein, whose committee released the report detailing the agency’s use of near-drownings and mock executions and sexual abuse to humiliate and demoralize a foreign “other” under the guise of gathering intelligence. These practices, the terrible things this country has again and again been shown to do, “are not who we are,” added Secretary of State John Kerry. Indeed, “the awful facts of this report” do not even “represent who they are,” he said of those awful people described in that report…

As a rhetorical ploy, it’s understandable: Saying the United States has always been garbage is not going to be terribly popular in a nation that still fondly refers to a group of sadistic slave-owners as its “founding fathers” — so politicians savvy enough to know that openly embracing torture is not a good look for the world’s leading state-sponsor of holier-than-thou rhetoric, appeal to a history and set of values that never was and never were in practice, as a way to give political cover to their middling, public relations-minded critiques of the national-security state’s least defensible excesses. It’s entirely false, this narrative of extreme goodness marked by occasional self-correcting imperfection, but it satisfies our national ego to think the American phoenix rises from a store of ethically traded gold, not a pile of rotting trash.

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The author goes on to projectile vomit a toxic cocktail of venom and sanctimony as he explains why America is in fact a pile of rotting trash and always has been, and why our most noble heroes are villains.

If liberals retain control of the information and education establishments, the next generation may grow up believing malevolent propaganda of the sort disseminated by Salon, which will cause far more crippling destruction than any terrorist’s bomb.

The enemy within is waging total war. In the absence of effective resistance, there is no aspect of traditional America that leftists will not insult, distort, degrade, poison, demonize, and in the end, eradicate.

Charles Davis
Salon’s Charles Davis is paid to really, really hate our country.

On a tip from Petterssonp. Hat tip: Weasel Zippers. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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