San Francisco Pro-Life Rally Draws 40,000 Marchers to Protest Roe v. Wade

Last year, 35,000 people braved stark, raving San Francisco loonies IN THE RAIN to march for life. This year, with warm, sunny weather the crowd appeared to be about 40,000.: 

The march: is held nationwide each year: on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion.:  This year,:  it follows: : a week of horrific news from Philadelphia, where a late-term abortionist is accused of birthing and then killing hundreds of full-term babies with scissors. The fight goes on.

In the past, the San Francisco Chronicle has given large front page stories and pictures to small groups of of anti-war protesters, or even one single war activist. Forty thousand pro-life marchers from all over the world in downtown San Francisco got only a tiny, buried mention. The paper even refused to say how many marchers there were.

Alveda King, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece, was one of many out-of-town dignitaries for the San Francisco event.

It’s right here in this video below for everyone to see what happens at a rally like this in a liberal area like San Francicso: A huge, peaceful tsunami of pro-life marchers stayed classy and protected by police::  There were men,women, students, families, children.

Notice the:  mouthy brigade of pro-abortionists who were braying and taunting along the fringe. They were a:  small group, sometimes using obscenities, many of their signs were vicious attacks on religion and women.: 

Which group makes you proud?

Video of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church parishioners from Modesto.

Many more photos of the day on Facebook.

The SF citizen blog-that-smells-of-sushi posted this rag-tag rogues’ gallery. These might be last year’s pictures, but who cares…it gives you a good view of progressivism’s next generation. Be very worried.

More pictures of the rally and counter-protest on

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