School bans whistles after playtime because of this ludicrous liberal reason

School bans whistles after playtime because of this ludicrous liberal reason

Seriously? This is just insanely stupid. A school in Britain has now banned whistles because the noise is too aggressive and may scare children. I’ve never known a child who is afraid of a whistle. They may cover their ears, but they don’t cower in fear over a whistle. Give me a freaking break. St. Monica’s Catholic Primary School in Milton Keynes banned the whistles. Now, the teachers have to raise their hands to get the attention of 120 students on the playground. That’s just dumb. A teacher said, ‘God forbid that we should have to gather the children in an emergency – I still keep my bone, hand-carved dog whistle in my pocket just in case.’ That’s exactly right. I wonder who came up with this stupid rule? No doubt, some meddling Progressive with way too much time on their hands.


From the Daily Mail:

A school has banned whistles at the end of playtime in case the ‘aggressive’ loud noises scare children.

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Children at St Monica’s Catholic Primary School in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, must instead look out for their teachers’ raised hands to know when to stop playing.

The move was attacked by Pamela Cunningham, a teaching assistant at the school, in a letter to Country Life magazine.

St. Monica’s is a Voluntary Aided Catholic Primary School for boys and girls between the ages of three and 11 years old and there are 467 children in attendance there including the school and nursery. The school received a ‘good’ rating: ‘St. Monica’s Catholic Primary is a good school. Parents and carers appreciate the strong family ethos, excellent quality care and enjoyable learning opportunities provided by the school. Its motto, ‘Let Trust, Respect and Love live here’, permeates the whole school and contributes significantly to the strong sense of common values underpinned by the positive, Catholic ethos.’ The move comes after students at the University of East Anglia were invited to mime throwing their mortarboards in their graduation photo because of a risk of injury. We are raising pansies and weaklings, and when that happens, extinction is a real possibility. Banning whistles… what a bunch of morons.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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