School District Kills To Kill a Mockingbird

School District Kills <em>To Kill a Mockingbird</em>

Left-wingers never seem to understand that when the firing squads commence, they will not be immune. Likewise, once the book-banning begins, books that inspired them will end up in the fire:

The Biloxi School District got complaints about the wording in “To Kill A Mockingbird” — an American classic being taught in 8th grade English Language Arts classes — and pulled it from the curriculum. …

Kenny Holloway, vice president of the Biloxi School Board said, “There were complaints about it. There is some language in the book that makes people uncomfortable, and we can teach the same lesson with other books.”

The book decries racial prejudice against blacks. But it contains the forbidden N-word, and is therefore politically unclean. It was pulled in the middle of a lesson plan. Though it is still in the library for now, it is likely to quietly disappear, lest it offend someone.

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The statues they have been tearing down are only the beginning.

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