Shocker! Green Tax Hikes Hit Businesses

A view of what America will have to deal with if we don’t stop these irrational, big government, nanny state progressive climate change hoax ideas, via what is already happening in the U.K.

Green tax hike hits businesses

Green taxes will make up more than a third of the price of electricity by the end of the decade, pushing up prices to new highs by 2020.

Of course, that third will come in the form of higher prices, and, as businesses see higher prices, they’ll pass that on to the consumers, who will also be paying the same higher electricity prices.

Figures from Utilyx, the energy consultants and traders, forecast a 58pc rise in the cost of power by 2020, largely driven by the impending avalanche of green taxes due to come into force over the next 10 years.

The consultants estimate that 18pc of the current electricity price relates to climate change policies — or :£15 per megawatt-hour out of a :£82 per megawatt-hour average.

However, green taxes and new infrastructure costs will constitute 38pc of the charges, or :£50 per megawatt-hour out of :£130 per mega-watt hour, by 2020.

Andrew Horstead, risk analyst at Utilyx, said this should cause “alarms bells to ring within Government, at a time when its measures to stimulate investment in low carbon generation will also feed through to higher prices”.

Seriously, who would have thought that enacting all sorts of “green” taxes and regulations would lead to higher prices? And, a decrease in jobs. But, good news, all those jobs that are lost will be replaced by awesome green jobs paying a lot more…..what’s that? Even the NY Times realizes that green jobs are a failure?

This should be a beacon in the dark for liberals: tax increases have negative consequences, especially in the long run. Not just ones for global warming, but for everything else. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with so-called green energy. Yet, if you mandate and regulate prior to the technology being ready, you will drive up the prices for everything else, damage economies, and damage jobs. Which damages people’s lives. And those poor people you say you support will be the hardest hit. So will the middle class. Look at what corn based ethanol has done to consumer prices both domestically and around the world. Yet, corn based ethanol is a disaster, and is worse for “man-caused global warming” than oil based fuels. Results are a wee bit more important than intentions, Lefties!

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