Silent Jews, Again: When Will Leftists Realize That Unbelief Is A Belief?

The distressing phenomenon of refusing to call an objective evil, evil, permeates the leftist culture. Just last night the Twitter blogger Queen of Spain got in an argument with a couple conservative friends Brooks Bayne and Beregond about La Raza which means, literally, The Race, over whether they were a racist organization. Even after being presented concrete evidence of their obvious racism, she would not condemn them. That would be judging. That would be wrong.

Well the racists are under no such compunction and judge whites to be usurpers who should be gone or worse, not exist. They view white people as objectively wrong. Whether the Queen knows it or not, by not condemning their belief system, she is supporting and aiding their belief system which is racist and exclusionary, maybe even murderous, and ostensibly, those beliefs run against everything she stands for. Thus the murk of multi-culturalism and “diversity” for its own sake.

When victims of this mentality don’t recognize the threat to their own survival, it’s even worse. Frank Luntz documents a focus group he conducted and it’s covered in by Evelyn Gordon in Commentary Magazine. Here’s what happened as reported to the Jerusalem Post:

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The greatest challenge for the Israeli position isn’t in the media. It’s on the typical college campus. Because there, the truth doesn’t matter.

There, day after day, the Palestinian advocates will say anything and do anything and these Jewish kids are totally ill-prepared to stand up and challenge.

We did a session with MIT and Harvard students.

The best of the best. We had 35 people in the room: 20 of them were non-Jewish, 15 were Jewish. And I didn’t tell anyone who was which. And I’d recruited them by telling them “we’re going to talk about Iraq, Iran and the Middle East,” not telling them that the real focus was Israel.

Got them all into the room. It was so crowded that we had kids sitting on the floor. But that added to the intensity. They felt like they were in a dorm room. And within 10 minutes, the non-Jews started with “the war crimes of Israel,” with “the Jewish lobby,” with “the Jews have a lot more power and influence” — stuff that’s borderline anti-Jewish.

And guess what? Did the Jewish kids at the best schools in America, did they stand up for themselves? Did they challenge the assertions? They didn’t say sh*t. And in that group was the leader of the Israeli caucus at Harvard. It took him 49 minutes of this before he responded to anything.

The group is over. It’s a three-hour group. I then say, “Who’s Jewish, who isn’t?” At that point some of the Jewish kids got a little outraged. I dismiss all the non-Jewish kids.

And the Jewish kids are there. And they’re now ticked at me for doing this, you know, “Why have you segregated us?” I said, “I’m Frank Luntz and I’m Jewish, and I’ve been working on this now for 10 years, and you all didn’t say sh*t.”

And it all dawned on them: If they won’t say it to their classmates, who they know, who will they stand up for Israel to? Two of the women in the group started to cry. I got the whole thing on tape. The guys are like, “Oh my God, I didn’t speak up, I can’t believe I let this happen.” And they’re all looking at each other with horrible embarrassment and guilt like you wouldn’t believe.

And I take this tape down, this little DVD, to the Jewish community and I say, “This is what we’ve done — or not done.” It’s not just giving them the facts. It is also teaching them how to say it, when to say it, when to crack a joke, when to acknowledge someone else’s points, when not to be argumentative or judgmental.

The problem that I see is that so many parents in the Jewish community taught their kids not to judge. I’m going to say something that’s a little bit ideological, but I find that kids on the Right are far more likely to stand up for Israel than kids on the Left. Because kids on the Right believe that there is an absolute right and wrong; this is how they’ve been raised.

Kids on the Left have been taught not to judge. Therefore those on the left will not judge between Israel and the Palestinians; those on the Right will. I’ve now been doing this research for eight years.

Yes, this unwillingness to show judgment, for judging simply means discerning between two ways, will cause destruction.

To not discern, to lack judgment, is not a mark of intelligence. In fact, a lack pf perception is as handicapped as being actually blind.

Many Jews in particular have misidentified the problem of the Holocaust as a problem with beliefs themselves. A problem of believing anything too intensely is bad, they reason. So too much patriotism, too much nationalism, Zionism, too much religiosity, too much intensity around any idea is objectively destructive.

The problem is most certainly not intensity of believing, the problem is the beliefs enthusiastically embraced. The problem was wrong beliefs. The problem was that people were afraid to cast judgment on evil beliefs. The problem is that there are better beliefs, which are often more complex and difficult beliefs to live with and promote. The better, life-affirming beliefs are worth fighting for…otherwise, the death-loving and coddling beliefs become promoted.

There are objective truths and lies. There is right and wrong. And silence in the name of diversity around diverse evil ideas means submission and even extolling of the very ideas that would destroy those who tolerate them.

Unbelief is a belief. And those who adhere more strongly to more evil beliefs will trump a silent multi-culturalist every time. And the multi-culti person unwilling to name and shame evil, will be on the receiving end of the spear first. Suddenly, right and wrong becomes obvious in that situation, but it’s too late.

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