Snap! Bill Gates Provides $70 Million For Food Security Against….Climate Change!

But, he isn’t giving the money away, oh, no, he is “investing” it as a way to save Mankind!

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has announced that it is investing $70 million into food security initiatives in order to battle one of climate change’s looming threats–catastrophic food shortages. The United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID) is also jumping on board with a $32 million commitment.

Like the “catastrophic food shortages” during the Little Ice Age, along with the previous cold periods, including the last glaciation period?

The funds will go toward research on improving crop production, including examining the rise of certain predators, such as Ug99, a stem rust disease affecting wheat crops. The Ug99 strand is spreading, adding numbers to the millions of people who are already fleeing their countries due to agriculturally unstable environments. The disease was originally identified in Uganda in 1998 and has now spread to Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen and Iran and variants are now on their way to North and South America, Australia, and South and Central Asia.

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So, it isn’t actually climate change linked, it is simply a plant disease. Glad we settled that. Of course, those countries have been “agriculturally unstable environments” for a very long time, because they are kinda, you know, deserts, and have been deserts prior to 1998, or 1980, or whatever year the climate morons want to use.

It’d probably be better to use that $70 million to bring those people modern power generation and farming methods.

Remember, though, I’ve said that “food security” due to climate change will become a big talking point as a means to prop up their dying cult.

And here’s Gates’ house

And private jet

And private yacht

Don’t forget, anthropogenic global warming from fossil fuels is baaaaaaaad!

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