Snowflake has major meltdown on Judge Jeanine, shouts F*CK TRUMP, F*CK THESE WHITE PEOPLE [VIDEO]

Snowflake has major meltdown on Judge Jeanine, shouts F*CK TRUMP, F*CK THESE WHITE PEOPLE [VIDEO]

This college student in New York is an example of why no one takes liberals serious. Judge Jeanine films a little Street Justice and encounters the most embarrassing college student of the weekend. The end of the video brings you back to enjoying life. Watch the whole video before you comment.

It begins with a peaceful, tolerant and somewhat okay conversation filled with average discourse. Then it erupts like a volcano and the brown haired girl in the camel skin colored coat blows up like a crazed person.

She goes OFF.

Judge Jeanine doesn’t have to say much. The proof is in the pudding folks!

An unhinged New York leftist attacked Judge Jeanine during her street talk segment.

The woman was screaming about Nazis and white supremacists who did not have the right to speak in public.

Judge Jeanine: Doesn’t he have the right to go there and speak?

Unhinged leftist: Right wing people do not have the right to spew hatred and bigotry in this country.

Jeanine: Can we have a civil conversation?

Leftist: You want to call me uncivil?

Judge Jeanine: I didn’t call you anything!

Leftist: F*ck Trump! F*ck these white people who get to say that…

Audience: Wow! I thought you for tolerance?

It’s amazing that the college student changed Jeanine’s words right in front of her face. Jeanine did not call her uncivil, but only said she wanted to have a civil conversation which does not include shouting. Liberals are really bad at civil conversations and they usually have meltdowns, shouting matches, burn things, attack people in groups and do other things to make up for their inability to have a nice friendly chat.

I firmly believe that liberals are liberals because they hate themselves and they don’t know how to change that. Anyone who hates themselves must be a liberal. Anyone who is happy, or at least mediocre in life – is too busy being busy and enjoying their life.

Liberals aren’t ever smiling, having fun and generally look miserable as they live their life as the oppressed victim. Hopefully the meltdown snowflake in the video sees herself in the video and realizes how uncivil she really is.

Judge Jeanine said it best – if this is what colleges are doing to students, then stop paying tuition.

Judge Jeanine gets a great laugh at the end of the video when a funny guy stops by to wish everyone a happy day. You can tell he’s not a liberal.




I hope liberals will one day view themselves on the Internet and realize how terrible they’re portraying the liberal ideology. Maybe one day they’ll wake up and realize they’ve ruined it…whatever it’s supposed to be.

Frank Lea

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