Sunday’s Worst Person(s) In The World

Late yesterday, excitable John Cole decided to name Tyler Cowen his “worst person in the world” (that’s not particularly civil discourse, but, then Powerline highlights that civil discourse is so 2011) for a tweet that wasn’t necessarily for Virginia’s abortion bill, but simply highlighted Liberal hypocrisy

By informing consumers, he is of course referring to the Virginia bill requiring women to be vaginally probed against their will before electing to have an abortion.

Because, you know, most of those “consumers” were “uninformed” as to what was in there. Every day, somewhere in the country, someone has a sonogram and says “OMG- that is a potential baby up in there? I thought it was a magic 8-ball or a small alien I was getting rid of.”

Now, I’ll admit that perhaps the Virginia legislature didn’t quite think the law all the way through in what would need to happen to do a sonogram so early in a pregnancy. That’s one of the problems when you have people who aren’t experts making law, such as Stimulus (then again, experts were involved with creating ObamaCare, you know, Big Pharmacy and Big Insurance). Of course, we can certainly expect civility from the pro-tolerance crowd, right?

  • Can we stick a probe in his ear and see if there’s a brain in there?
  • I suggest that doctors do Conservative male’s prostrate exams by shoving a rod of white-hot iron up their asses.
  • What an asshole.
  • I think every time you want to have sex, Tyler, the State should put a probe up your bum.
  • Tyler Cowen should be compulsorily anally probed before he can eat a steak. Because it is vital that he be informed about the risk of colon cancer.
  • Cowen should get a mandatory proctology exam before…oh the hell with it. He should get it just because he’s an asshole

That continues on for a bit. Of course, it would be easy to name John Cole or any of his unhinged commentors as the Worst Person In the World, but, instead, let’s just name all of them, along with Barack Obama, Kathy Sebelius, and people who vote Democrat, the Worst People In the World, because they are requiring organizations which are morally opposed to contraception, sterilization, and abortifacients to provide them in their health insurance offerings against their will. Really, the “compromise” essentially does the same thing. These same WPITW also support requiring people to be forced to purchase health insurance against their will or pay a fine/tax. Possibly be forced to have a class II microchip implanted against their will that tracks their health if they choose the public health insurance option. That one might be a stretch, but, then, Pelosi did say we had to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.

Liberals love Central/Big Government that mandates people do things against their will. They love the thought of GPS trackers put in every vehicle (except their own) that allow Government to access a miles traveled tax. Force people to pay higher energy prices and taxes for the climate change hoax. Heck, they can force 4 year olds to eat chicken nuggets.

So, for removing liberty, choice, and personal responsibility, and being complete and utter hypocrites over the issue of Virginia’s abortion requirement, I proclaim all liberals to be the Worst People In the World. Unfortunately, my Greek temple columns are at the cleaners.

Crossed at Pirate’s Cove. Follow me on Twitter @WilliamTeach.

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