Support for Obama Erodes Even on the Left

W’s approval rating did not crash through the floor — rendering him ineffective as a president — because liberals didn’t like him. They had hated him from the start for denying Prince Albert the crown. It all came crashing down for Bush when his own conservative base turned against him due to his big spending ways. Likewise, Comrade Obama is going into a tailspin as the radical left grows impatient because he hasn’t yet reduced America to a smoldering ruin.

You know Chairman Zero is in hot water when the Daddy Warbucks of the radical left starts turning lukewarm. George Soros bizarrely praised Obama for showing that he had “gotten the message” following Scott Brown’s election by doubling down on healthcare nationalization, opposition to which allowed Brown’s stunning upset. But he’s annoyed that the community activist has not yet nationalized banks.

Representing another crucial money base, Tinseltown twerp Matt Damon says he’s “disappointed” in our man-child president for not surrendering to the Taliban.

Calling for Obama to “Go Chicago-Style” (i.e., become even more heavy-handed) to ram through socialized medicine, lefty yapper Al Hunt admits that failure to seize control of the healthcare industry will be an unmitigated disaster for Dems, and that

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Obama is going to have a daunting challenge to win a majority in both houses, especially since there is bad blood between Democrats in the two chambers and growing resentment of the White House.

That growing resentment is springing up everywhere. If it ever reaches the mainstream media, the Chairman Zero is finished.

Not even Matt Damon is happy with the Moonbat Messiah.

On tips from Incitatus and Pomalom. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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