That’s The Soviet Dream, Not The American Dream

Ann Althouse came across a member of the Occupy Wisconsin freeloaders with a rather bizarre interpretation of the American Dream.

Associated Students of Madison member Justin Bloesch said “What we were told … is that if we work hard, if we stay honest, if we shine by our merit then this society will take care of us; that’s the American Dream”…

Who told you that? This society will take care of you? Shine by your merit? How did the “American Dream” evolve into that message?

“But if that’s ever how the game worked, that’s not how it works now.”

Well, it’s not really how the “game” ever worked. Bloesch seems to be thinking about those public-school games where everybody wins: if you play and don’t cheat, you are a winner.

It’s not society’s job, government’s job, Wall Street’s job, or anyone else’s job to “take care of you.” That’s YOUR job. Nobody OWES you a living. Do parents not tell this to their kids anymore?

You want the American Dream? Then define what it means to you and earn it. Do you know how you’ll know that you’ve earned it? You’ll be living it. If you’re not living your dream, then stop waiting for someone to “take care of you” and go out and grab it.

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