The Best Email Headline I’ve Gotten This Month: Story Tip, Cindy Sheehan Open To White House Run, Dancing With The Stars

The Best Email Headline I’ve Gotten This Month: Story Tip, Cindy Sheehan Open To White House Run, Dancing With The Stars

Cindy Sheehan has always been a tragic and somewhat pathetic figure. After her son Casey died in Iraq, the Left latched onto her as an anti-war spokesperson. This was not because of charisma since she’s a plodding speaker. It’s also not because of genius — because she’s never come across as a particularly bright woman. It’s not even because of her message — she’s been reciting the same standard issue, left-wing/commie boiler plate for years.

No, Cindy Sheehan had exactly one thing going for her: She was willing to ruthlessly and continuously exploit the death of her own child to attack conservatives, America, and the hated war in Iraq. Nobody could have a 5 minute conversation with the woman for 2 years without her waving her son’s death around like a talisman. No matter how vicious, dishonest, uninformed or ridiculous her comments were, the response to every complaint was, “How dare you disagree! Her son died!” Meanwhile, this is how liberals were portraying her.

“…We should call her “Mother Sheehan”. We should never call her Cindy; I don’t know her. “Mother Sheehan” is her title, and expresses her ceremonial status as a bereaved mother, calling forth over the dead body of her son. She is not a person now, she is a mother, which is not an expression of her individuality, but rather the expression of her eternal character: the mother, the bringer of life who has been wronged by state power….We should not use the name of her son. Her son is a symbol of all sons who have been sacrificed for this useless and criminal war.” — From the Daily Kos

“For those of us who don’t truly believe in god, she is truly a gift that we must not f*ck up under anyway shape or form. For all of you Jesus believers, she should be looked upon by you as a true savior. For Budhist, she is about true, unconditional love. For Muslims, she wants to stop the pain against your people. She has united this world from love, and there is no greater power then a mother’s love of her child. I know, mine are my life, my soul, my joy and my acomplishments. If anyone would harm them, I would die and want to take down whoever did this. She is justified in her anger, beyond any man can truly understand. She is our Martin Luther King, Bobby K, she is a start of a movement. We don’t get these chances very often because the world is asleep at the wheel. She is the light, don’t let it ever stop burning, because we may not get another chance, they don’t come around that often.” — lynettebro440 at the Democratic Underground

“Some have compared Cindy Sheehan to Rosa Parks, and I certainly agree.” — Bob Fertik

Meanwhile, Sheehan herself was saying things like this.

“And I’m gonna say, “And you tell me, what the noble cause is that my son died for.” And if he even starts to say freedom and democracy’ I’m gonna say, bullsh*t. You tell me the truth. You tell me that my son died for oil. You tell me that my son died to make your friends rich. You tell me my son died to spread the cancer of Pax Americana, imperialism in the Middle East. You tell me that, you don’t tell me my son died for freedom and democracy.'” — Cindy Sheehan

“America has been killing people on this continent since it was started. This country is not worth dying for…” — Cindy Sheehan

Not only was it repulsive to watch Sheehan turn her son’s death in to a stepping stone/anti-American talking point, anyone who was paying close attention could see that Sheehan was putting so much effort into trying to stay in the spotlight that it was destroying her life. She started very publicly falling to pieces.

“…my in-laws sent out a press statement disagreeing with me in strong terms; which is totally okay with me, because they barely knew Casey. We have always been on separate sides of the fence politically and I have not spoken to them since the election when they supported the man who is responsible for Casey’s death. The thing that matters to me is that our family — Casey’s dad and my other 3 kids are on the same side of the fence that I am.” — Cindy Sheehan

“I have lost almost every friend that I had before Casey died. My husband and I are separated, because he doesn’t support my activities.” — Cindy Sheehan

“The husband of Cindy Sheehan, the mother camped outside President Bush’s Texas ranch to protest the death of a son in the Iraq war, has filed for divorce, according to court documents.” — The Las Vegas Sun

In the midst of all this, brace yourself, came the sex scandal.

“Cindy (Sheehan) was in Crawford when a process server found her and handed over the lawsuit that would end her marriage. Cindy Sheehan had a boyfriend who is a major anti-war activist, Lew Rockwell. Cindy Sheehan took refuge with a computer that became her companion day and night. Cindy Sheehan’s former sister-in-law says “Cindy had become addicted to online chat rooms of a pornographic nature. She had many men communicating with her. When she left her home, she also left behind evidence of her pornography addictions and her dalliances. The Sheehan family’s deterioration was punctuated by painful evidence of Cindy’s liaisons in hundreds of explicit e-mails and instant messages.”

Meanwhile, unfortunately for Cindy, she was a little too earnest for her own good and she started attacking LIBERALS as well as conservatives. The moment that happened, liberals decided “Mother Sheehan” was no longer useful and they tossed her into the trash like a worn-out pair of tennis shoes. Today, the most annoying liberal of 2005 is about as relevant as Milli Vanilli on the Left.

It’s a sad tale that’s made even sadder by Cindy Sheehan’s 2011 attempt to regain a bit of her lost fame. From an email I received yesterday: “Story Tip, Cindy Sheehan Open To White House Run, Dancing With The Stars”

Although I don’t think Cindy Sheehan served the memory of her own son well with her behavior and I can’t wish her any success in politics, I do feel some sympathy for her because of the way she was crumpled up and used by the Left. I hope she gets it together, I hope she heals things up with her family, I do wish her well personally, and I hope politics doesn’t end up chewing her life up and spitting her out.

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