The Chav Pack

His student Comrade Obama, who has been attempting to destroy democracy in Honduras so as to reduce it to a client state of Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship, isn’t the only prominent American Hugo Chavez can count as a friend.

Ultra-left Hollyweird propagandist Oliver Stone just released a video hagiography of our generation’s Fidel Castro entitled “South of the Border.”


A New York screening of Stone’s latest attack on liberty and sanity brought many other Chavez supporters out from under their rocks, including the ungracefully aging Susan Sarandon:


The Chav Pack was founded by belligerent Bolshevik Jeff Spicoli:


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It also includes the maniacal has-been Day-Old


…the equally unhinged Danny Glover

glover chavez

…quasi-journalist Baba Wawa


…erstwhile MSM heartthrob Mother Moonbat:


…fashion fool Naomi Campbell


…and creepy Clinton groupie Kevin Spacey:


Clinging like a dingleberry to the periphery of the Chav Pack is the avatar of skank, Courtney Love (via Caption This!):


Tinseltown falling head over heels for our own Hugo Chavez wannabe should surprise no one. Radical chic never seems to go out of style.

Hat tip: Steven’s World. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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