The Crazed Sex Poodle Has Apparently Tried To Hump More Than One Masseuse’s Leg

Back when the “Al Gore, Giggling Crazed Sex Poodle” massage that almost turned into a sexual assault scandal broke, there were some questions about whether the masseuse was telling the truth.

Granted, her story sounded plausible — and creepy. But let’s face it: In this 15 minutes of fame, reality show, lawsuit lottery culture, you couldn’t be sure whether she was telling the truth.

However today, one thing she said in the police report — besides calling Gore a “crazed sex poodle” really sticks out,

It was very clear to me that I was not the first woman he had sexually assaulted and that clearly “no” was not a word he heard or cared about or respected.

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Well, guess what? According to the Enquirer, which is apparently the only publication on earth that’s still willing to do investigative work on Democratic sex scandals, two more masseuses have come forward,

The ENQUIRER reports in an exclusive bombshell exclusive that police have investigated charges from TWO MORE WOMEN who claimed they were abused by former VP AL GORE!

The first incident allegedly took place at a Beverly Hills luxury hotel when Gore, 62, was in Hollywood to attend the Oscars in 2007.

The second reportedly occurred a year later at a hotel in Tokyo.

A Beverly Hills hotel source told The ENQUIRER:

“The therapist claimed that when they were alone, Gore shrugged off a towel and stood naked in front of her.

“He pointed at his erect penis and ordered her, ‘Take care of THIS.'”

Let’s see: Bill Clinton? Sex addict and possibly a rapist? Check. John Edwards screwing around on his cancer stricken wife? Check. Al Gore making creepy sexual advances towards masseuses? Check. It makes me wonder what Barack Obama and Joe Biden have been up to in the White House — okay, that was unfair — a little, since there have been some Obama affair allegations already. But, let’s leave BoBiden out of this one and focus on Gore.

What is going on with this guy? Can you imagine this creep in the White House, alone with a young, female intern? Given the description the first masseuse gave of the encounter, which now seems much more credible, you have to wonder how many times he has frightened and intimidated female masseuses into sex…I’d bet money that it’s happened. What a creepy guy!

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