The Next Time A Liberal Says ‘Socialism,’ Show Them THIS!

The Next Time A Liberal Says ‘Socialism,’ Show Them THIS!

I don’t want a trophy for participating. Maybe a t-shirt would be OK, but a trophy goes to the best player of the game. In the world of politics, socialism doesn’t provide anyone the inspiration to become the best, but instead makes us all become lazy, mediocre, liberals parading in a clown car of average abilities and zero motivation to excel and succeed.

socialism meme

Why bother achieving anything when you are not rewarded for it. When everyone gets a trophy there is no reason to bother excelling.

THAT is what Socialism is in a nutshell. THAT is what Democrats are and that is what people who support them are clueless about.

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Next time a mind lacking liberal lashes about socialism, just link them to this page. Reel them into reality.


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