The Tangled Web Woven of America’s Worst Enemies

No one gets lonely among the radicals now running the show from Washington; everybody dances with everybody else.

The same Justice Department shysters who protect the New Black Panther Party have gone to bat for al Qaeda, while the NBPP praises Osama bin Laden.

Similarly the NAACP, which Obama’s Bitter Half recently helped whip into a lather, is allied with the same NBPP that screams publicly about killing Caucasians. While they piously denounce the Tea Party on incongruous and utterly unsubstantiated charges of “racism,” NAACP termites have successfully lobbied their friends in the Injustice Department on behalf of King Samir Shabazz et al.

Meanwhile CAIR — the Islamic terrorist’s answer to the ACLU — supports the NAACP in its absurd allegations that Tea Partiers are racists. Apparently racism is okay when it comes to annihilating Jews, but as for the racism inherent in wanting to scale back the grotesquely bloated monstrosity that is only vaguely recognizable as the American government — that goes too far even for a Hamas front group.

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Psychotic black supremacists, pillars of the liberal establishment like the NAACP, bloodthirsty Islamic maniacs, the Obama Administration — it isn’t easy to tell where one starts and another leaves off.

On tips from Dystopic PC. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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